Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So it's come to this...

A blog. Something commonly noted for being kept updated on a daily basis, I figure I'd give a serious college try at a blog. Maybe explore my ideas as a fan caster and as a "Critic" that might allow something fresh on here, or it might be watered down and the same old same old. I'm not sure how this is going to go down, but hopefully well.

This isn't my first blog, ashamedly I've had others, none of them were serious attempts though, maybe serious intentions but no serious tries. Not sure what it is getting me to actually Blog. So hopefully I can find a niche, exploit and work with it for the time being. as far as just what or how well that's going to go down... Beats the hell out of me.

But there's always time. I have a fully day of tomorrow. I am wanting to tailor my positions at work to go along with my Significant Other's Schedule. The closer we are on the same wave lengths the better, makes things easier especially when we move in together. Might as well start syncing our schedules up, being together and moving in and all.

Something i do hope to accomplish is to really garner a series of friends and allies who share and diverse with me in opinions and personal interests. Another thing i hope to accomplish is to turn myself into a fair critic/reviewer and a great fan caster.

So this is that....

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