Monday, March 25, 2013

New 52 Justice League of America

 The current Justice League of America Roster includes: Martian Manhunter, Steve Trevor, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Stargirl, Simon Baz, Vibe.

Now in all honesty it's a neat team... Doesn't warrant the name "Of America" in a weird sense... I have a different Idea on what a JLA team should be...

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My Idea would be: Batman puts together a response team in secrecy due to his fear of a Justice League Going Rogue. He pitches this to Checkmate/Cadmus/Government to put together a secret team of Humans. Pulling in Cyborg from the Regular team. For this Operation Batman Puts together a Team that can match any member of the league. While the Main Justice League Roster would change to take in/absorb some of the Powered Characters from The Current JLA Book.

While giving only certain specifics to each team member to appropriately fight there "Equal"

Vibe would take on Flash

StarGirl would take on Wonder Woman

Kitana takes on Hawkgirl

Shazam fights Superman

Cyborg would go against Martian Manhunter

Batman's main match would be Hal Jordan

Green Arrow would take on Simon Baz

Steve Trevor would match Hawkman

Catwoman could take on Black Canary

Amanda Waller would go against Hawkgirl

Blue Beetle would Match Aquaman.

Now understandable without Batman's plans or Knowledge of the Justice League most of these guys would lose straight out. But with the leadership by Batman and knowledge of each Leaguer Batman's Justice League of America would be a dynamic force and really put together a great idea for future "Event" Books...

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