Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Suicide Squad

The United States Government has a secretive Black Ops Organization known as Argus, led by Former Director of the F.B.I. Amanda Waller, Argus has become the top dog in the U.S.'s Black Ops/Covert Mission department. Word has Broken out that The U.S. Government is attempting to kill The Joker, via the organization Checkmate, led by Maxwell Lord.

Ordered by Current C.I.A. Director Alan Scott, Waller is to assemble a Black Ops team to collect the Joker and take him to a disclosed location so he can be debriefed on possible Government wide threats hiding in Gotham City, and the Identity of the Batman. Making Joker the most valuable asset in the Governments attempted control over Superheroes.

Unable to put together a full team of Government Agents, Waller enlists the aid of several jailed Supervillains, forming an off the books Task Force, for Black Ops Missions the Government cannot be connected to. Designation Task Force X is assembled, and are implanted with remote charges that will detonate on orders by Waller. The team that has worked together as villains have to work together as heroes.

Not suited by the official Government designation, the Team Gives itself a nickname fit for every member... The Suicide Squad.