Friday, March 22, 2013

12 Cabins... 12 Vacancies

So I just finished watching the Premier of A&E's Bates Motel. The Pilot episode featured quite the cast, only the big 3 I could name: Freddie Highmore {Norman Bates}, Vera Farminga {Norma "Mother" Bates}, and Nestor Carbonell {Sheriff Alex Romero}. So far all are doing spectacular in their efforts. Freddie has come a long way from Tim Burton's Chocolate Factory, and if you told me he wasn't basing his performance on Anthony Perkins well... I'd call you a liar. I won't say thats bad since this is supposedly set before {inspirit} before the noted Hitchcock film Psycho. If that's the cast then i hope the series final season {please be an 8 season series} should be a 10 episode remake of the Film. Personally I enjoyed it. From plot to story hte pilot has me intrigued. I don't see A&E cancelling this anytime soon nor do i see the trying to throw more episodes then the production team can handle.

I personally enjoy it. I will hit my DVR if it doesn't start recording this series because personally i haven't been enthralled by a seriel killer series since Dexter and since that's going off the air i need a replacement. There is one more contender for my attention as NBC's Hannibal is set to premier the 4th of April. From the reviews I've seen it sounds like an interesting series and I'll be sure to check out the Pilot seeing as it has Madds Mikkelson starring as the Titular Cannibal himself.

Back to Bates though... The gripes i do have with the pilot is that Mother doesn't seem as vindictive as she's been noted. Since this is technically setting itself up to join the film franchise I don't see much of Psycho IV entering the frame and infact batting out the sequel entirely seems certain. Although i would love to see the series tackle Emma Spool, Norman's Supposed "Real Mother." and Certainly would be what A&E have in store.

I'm calling it right now that the series will peak around season 4 or 5 where we see the death's of Norma Bates and her vicious lover. That would be far enough into the series to be ballsy and it would also be appropriately set after Norman graduates High School. Keepin in Verma would be easy, I mean James Remar's Character has been dead for years in Dexter but he makes many appearances each season. So setting Norma as Norman's Dark Passenger could really play to the avail of fans of the series.

If you want my opinion the series is looking to be dynamite. I haven't been this deeply intrigued by a source material based Series since AMC's Walking Dead and to be honest I want this to keep going. I hope A&E keep this going, they've got a new viewer attatched and I'd hate for the genius of this show to be turned into sour grapes or abandon like Mockingbird Lane {love that T.V. Movie, still on my DVR!}

All in all if you Love Psycho {Novel or Film}, if you Love Hitchcock, if you Love Anthony Perkins I'm sure you'd at least enjoy this.

Two thumbs up!!

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