Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nice Town You Picked... Norma

Episode 2 of Bates Motel debuted. The Returning Cast of series Regulars include: Freddie Highmore {Norman} Vera Farmiga {Norma} Mike Vogel {Zach Shelby} and Nestor Carbonell {Sheriff Alex Romero} appear as well as new additions in Max Thierot {Dylan}.

The story involved Norman's much disliked half-brother Dylan coming to White-Pine Bay, tracking his mother down, in order to borrow money and live at the hotel. Norma relentlessly agrees, only adding the conditions he chip in and contribute to the family. Meanwhile Norman and a female acquaintance {Set up to be his girlfriend} spin an adventure connected to an old local legend written in Chinese journals.

Outside the side story of the Chinese adventure i thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I get and like they're trying to give Norman a more expansive and interesting life, but i don't think it's one that would paint him as a local hero. Their is an interesting side story {hinting at Norman's Incestuous love for his Mother} were Norma goes on a date with Zach Shelby {My money says he'll be the show's equivalent of Chet Rudolph [Mother's Lover in Psycho IV]}.

All in all it was a wonderful episode and i still Highly recommend the series especially if you are a Psycho Fan. Episode 2 is 8/10.

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