Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Sorry bout taking so long to post. Been working a lot lately. Also been caught up in Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. Anyway I will try to post more often. Take it easy everyone.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Psycho III&IV Updates and More.

I know I've promised another double review of the last two Psycho sequels, but I've been busy, 2 jobs and all. But I'm going to apologize for my apparent laziness and post it after work, and begin working on a string of new movie reviews and editorials.

I have some film reviews in the works, including Evil Dead and G.I. Joe Retaliation.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement {The T.V. Series, not the Movie}, is an American sitcom centered around 3 groups of people: The Married, the Engaged, and the Single. Each Group are given "Mascots" to sum up that relationship:

The Married - Jeff {Patrick Wareburton} and Audrey {Megyn Pryce} Bingham - both Married 16 years and work seperate jobs, Jeff an Accountant, and Audrey an Assistant Editor at a Magazine, The humor on them centers on the hilarity of the modern American Marriage, a Wife who strives harder then she should to fit in, and a Husband who does the Bread winning, but is also a relaxed and homebased individual who is force by his wife to contribute to Household chores.

The Engaged - Jennifer Morgan {Bianca Kajilich} and Adam Rhodes {Oliver Hudson} - Together for about 2 years {6 months at the start of the series} Jennifer is an of average intelligent concept design artists, and Adam is a member of "Dunbar Incorporated" {Although they're not entirely just in Real Estate it does heavily hint that that is the main function of Dunbar Incorporated}, but while he is business smart he lacks a certain degree of common sense and is therefore seen as being very stupid.

The Single - Russell Dunbar {David Spade}, His assistant Tamir "Timmy" Patel {Adhir Kalyan}. Russell is a trust-fund horn-dog, spending the majority of his time and free will trying to either pick up a chick, or search for internet porn. Timmy is a well cultured Indian, raised in South Africa, who came to American in the hope of building an enterprise for himself and had originally seen being hired as Russell's assistant as the greatest thing to happen, until he actually started working and has been humiliated since.

This is a wonderful series pushing efforts to relate to the human relationship pallet. By far the group that does the best is Jeff and Audrey, who I myself can recall having some similar incidences that they have. This is a wonderful series, and if you can mind a laff-track, I'd highly recommend getting Season 1 and giving the series the Old College Try.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Michone {T.V. Series Version} Rant

I've become an avid fan of the Walking Dead T.V. Series. It's a wonderful show. It's got a great cast of characters. there is a problem though, the show's new popular character "Michone" is probably the worst character in the entire series. I have nothing but hatred for her. She has proven herself to be none other than a self serve hypocrit. Don't get me wrong, theres a possibility for me to enjoy her character but... This is a person who carried around 2 walkers on chains, out in the open, who killed Penny, who was a walker, on a chain in a cage, who the Govenor kept in hopes that his daughter would later be cured. Michone killed Penny just to get at the Govenor. That ontop of her "I'm The Big Bad" attitude it all really paints her to be an asshole. I don't get it, I don't see why she's a popular character. In all honesty Andrea and Tyrese are much more appealing characters. Michone seems to be keen on proving herself the "Batman" of Walking Dead but seriously proves herself to be a horrible human being that I really don't care for. As bad as many think I've been completely on the Govenors' side. He's a true leader in this series and is actually building towards something. He's a horrible person, what he did to Maggie is terrible, but he didn't force himself on her, he played psycological war fare. True he is a monster. But he's a monster who's doing good for the people of Woodbury. Given the choice I'd rather be with the Govenor's crew then Rick's, Rick is letting a Psychopath with no morality for others into his group. The Govenor is a Psychopath under control and is putting his people ahead. The Amount he's done for Woodbury is much more than the evil he's done as person. Michone contributes nothing to the series beyond a new "I'm a bamf" character, which we already have with Daryl, and had with Merle. Seriously I don't know if it's the writing, the actress, or both but I seriously hate Michone's character, and if there is a bigger change needed to further separate the T.V. Series from the Comic Book Series, I hope they achieve that by killing off Michone.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nice Town You Picked... Norma

Episode 2 of Bates Motel debuted. The Returning Cast of series Regulars include: Freddie Highmore {Norman} Vera Farmiga {Norma} Mike Vogel {Zach Shelby} and Nestor Carbonell {Sheriff Alex Romero} appear as well as new additions in Max Thierot {Dylan}.

The story involved Norman's much disliked half-brother Dylan coming to White-Pine Bay, tracking his mother down, in order to borrow money and live at the hotel. Norma relentlessly agrees, only adding the conditions he chip in and contribute to the family. Meanwhile Norman and a female acquaintance {Set up to be his girlfriend} spin an adventure connected to an old local legend written in Chinese journals.

Outside the side story of the Chinese adventure i thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I get and like they're trying to give Norman a more expansive and interesting life, but i don't think it's one that would paint him as a local hero. Their is an interesting side story {hinting at Norman's Incestuous love for his Mother} were Norma goes on a date with Zach Shelby {My money says he'll be the show's equivalent of Chet Rudolph [Mother's Lover in Psycho IV]}.

All in all it was a wonderful episode and i still Highly recommend the series especially if you are a Psycho Fan. Episode 2 is 8/10.

Monday, March 25, 2013

New 52 Justice League of America

 The current Justice League of America Roster includes: Martian Manhunter, Steve Trevor, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Stargirl, Simon Baz, Vibe.

Now in all honesty it's a neat team... Doesn't warrant the name "Of America" in a weird sense... I have a different Idea on what a JLA team should be...

hit the jump to check it out.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Double Review: Alfred Hitchcocks' Psycho & Psycho II

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is a Masterpiece of legendary proportions. It was {One of} The first Horror movies to ever be nominated for any major Academy Awards. Upon re-watching the film I did what i would consider my absolute best to distinguish status from the actual film.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, based from the novel of the same name written by Robert Bloch. The story takes place in the fictional Fairvale, California. Coming from Arizona is Marion Crane {Janet Leigh}, a young secretary of a Real Estate Mogul, has just stolen $40,000 dollars in hopes of paying her boyfriend, Sam Loomis {John Gavin}, Long line of debt and alimony payments with hopes to get married. Along her travels, she stops into Fairvale, and checks out a Cabin at the Bates Motel. An old place separated from the Highway, the Bates Motel is ran by the late 20's Norman Bates {Anthony Perkins}, a reclusive young man nervous to the touch. With certain interest he keeps a keen eye on Marion checking her out to Cabin No. 1. But once Noman's Mother Hears his thoughts of the young woman she goes on a murderous rampage that leads to an investigation from Marion's Sister Lila, Boyfriend Sam, and a nosey Private Investigator Milton Arbogast {Martin Balsam}.

The film is a touching story. One of love, a son who loves his mother, a man that loves a woman, a sister that loves a sister. All of them trying to protect or avenge someone. The script, written by Joseph Stefan, did a fair job adapting Bloch's Novel. The Score, Composed by Bernard Herman, is a frightening and iconic. The direction by Hitchcock is phenomenal. His angles in the house and in the motel follow a specific formulas to get us into the mind of Norman's Comfort Zone. It's genius how he introduces us to Norman's World in the most uncommon way. Hitchcock practically started the Unexpected Killer trend and here it shows how genius it truly can be. Hitchcock's visuals go along perfectly with the Performance. I'd be comfortable stating the Crowd Favorite was definitely Anthony Perkins as Norman, he masterfully held the duality, and the presence of his scenes. Overall the film does seem very hard to review, but I have to give this film an 9/10. Hitchcock made a true classic, if you ever ask a person to name 5 Hitchcock Films, they'd Name: Psycho, North by Northwest, The Birds, Vertigo, and Rear Window.

Psycho II, a sequel to the Original set 22 years later starring, also returning Anthony Perkins and Vera Miles {As Lila Crane/Loomis.} New additions include: Meg Tilly as Mary Chambers, and rounding out the cast Claudia Bryer as Ms. Emma Spool. Not a lot can be said about this sequel without spoiling it. I know I myself there are others who will probably come across this review, and haven't seen it. So as silly as it might be I'm avoiding Spoilers.

Set 22 Years after the Original, Norman Bates returns to Fairvail declared legally sane, and therefor able to continue his life, supposedly free from his Mother's grip. But as a mysterious stranger begins calling him and leaving him notes, claiming to be his mother... Norman's grip on reality is slipping, leaving the question of 'Can Norman save himself, or will he lose his sanity?".

Perkins does a great job returning to the role, as does Vera Miles returning as Lila. There is a two significant twist, one that is alluded too, and one that isn't I'll go on to say the one that isn't is well executed but a stronger punch could have been delved if it was alluded to. While the first twist is something a viewer could easily be suspicious of, from the start of the film. While many see this as a weaker companion to the original, I find this one to be an acceptable, and almost neccessary companion piece. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the film and find it to be a true Horror Sequel Classic. 8/10.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Trying to watch the Original Psycho Films, while working two jobs... Some challenges are really testing my steel. Should finish  Psycho 2 tonight after work, with a double review of Psycho and Psycho 2, and the same with 3 and 4 once I watch 3.


Friday, March 22, 2013

12 Cabins... 12 Vacancies

So I just finished watching the Premier of A&E's Bates Motel. The Pilot episode featured quite the cast, only the big 3 I could name: Freddie Highmore {Norman Bates}, Vera Farminga {Norma "Mother" Bates}, and Nestor Carbonell {Sheriff Alex Romero}. So far all are doing spectacular in their efforts. Freddie has come a long way from Tim Burton's Chocolate Factory, and if you told me he wasn't basing his performance on Anthony Perkins well... I'd call you a liar. I won't say thats bad since this is supposedly set before {inspirit} before the noted Hitchcock film Psycho. If that's the cast then i hope the series final season {please be an 8 season series} should be a 10 episode remake of the Film. Personally I enjoyed it. From plot to story hte pilot has me intrigued. I don't see A&E cancelling this anytime soon nor do i see the trying to throw more episodes then the production team can handle.

I personally enjoy it. I will hit my DVR if it doesn't start recording this series because personally i haven't been enthralled by a seriel killer series since Dexter and since that's going off the air i need a replacement. There is one more contender for my attention as NBC's Hannibal is set to premier the 4th of April. From the reviews I've seen it sounds like an interesting series and I'll be sure to check out the Pilot seeing as it has Madds Mikkelson starring as the Titular Cannibal himself.

Back to Bates though... The gripes i do have with the pilot is that Mother doesn't seem as vindictive as she's been noted. Since this is technically setting itself up to join the film franchise I don't see much of Psycho IV entering the frame and infact batting out the sequel entirely seems certain. Although i would love to see the series tackle Emma Spool, Norman's Supposed "Real Mother." and Certainly would be what A&E have in store.

I'm calling it right now that the series will peak around season 4 or 5 where we see the death's of Norma Bates and her vicious lover. That would be far enough into the series to be ballsy and it would also be appropriately set after Norman graduates High School. Keepin in Verma would be easy, I mean James Remar's Character has been dead for years in Dexter but he makes many appearances each season. So setting Norma as Norman's Dark Passenger could really play to the avail of fans of the series.

If you want my opinion the series is looking to be dynamite. I haven't been this deeply intrigued by a source material based Series since AMC's Walking Dead and to be honest I want this to keep going. I hope A&E keep this going, they've got a new viewer attatched and I'd hate for the genius of this show to be turned into sour grapes or abandon like Mockingbird Lane {love that T.V. Movie, still on my DVR!}

All in all if you Love Psycho {Novel or Film}, if you Love Hitchcock, if you Love Anthony Perkins I'm sure you'd at least enjoy this.

Two thumbs up!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Batman is universally the most popular comic book character second only to Superman. When it comes to the subject of his characterization on film he's been properly characterized only most recently in the famed Christopher Nolan "Dark Knight Trilogy." In the trilogy there were many things done right: Casting, Direction, Script... The entire production team really put things together and added in a sense of Movie-Magic.

The Trek Into Darkness

Recently, as in sometime in the A.M., an almost entirely brand new Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer came out, and well... Color me intrigued. I have been excited for this movie since before the first one, I loved J.J. Abram's Star Trek, I'm loving what I've seen of his sequel {a.k.a. the trailers}. Personally I couldn't be more excited to see Benedict Cumberbatch as the Villain. He's got the deep, scary, Captain Picard Voice, He's got the look of intimidation in his eyes. John Harrison {Cumberbatch} is looking to be the imaginary love child of: Hector Silva {a.k.a. Tiago Rodriguez, a.k.a. Javier Bardem}, Captain Jean Luc Picard {a.k.a Professor X a.k.a. Patrick Stewart} and Hair.

I have no idea what he's got up his sleeve. Abrams has been doing astonishngly well making us think one thing or the other, and at this point I don't want to know his real name, I love what Damond Lindloff said {Paraphrasing here} "The Audience knows as much about him as the Crew of the Enterprise" {Paraphrasing done} If that's true, well then why would you want to know? Wouldn't it be better to just wait and watch?

That all being said, I still have theories. My major theory {blown away and completely shattered by this new trailer} was that John Harrison would have been a younger clone of John Paxton {Peter Weller's character from Enterprise, brought in because This Movie-verse was already connected to Enterprise with the admition of Admiral Archer, and Weller having been cast in this film, i believed was to carry on the role of Paxton} Who wanted revenge for Starfleet arresting his "Father" so he implanted himself. Well that theory is blown to shit.

I wish i had another theory but im pretty much blank on that. Well thats about all I got.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So it's come to this...

A blog. Something commonly noted for being kept updated on a daily basis, I figure I'd give a serious college try at a blog. Maybe explore my ideas as a fan caster and as a "Critic" that might allow something fresh on here, or it might be watered down and the same old same old. I'm not sure how this is going to go down, but hopefully well.

This isn't my first blog, ashamedly I've had others, none of them were serious attempts though, maybe serious intentions but no serious tries. Not sure what it is getting me to actually Blog. So hopefully I can find a niche, exploit and work with it for the time being. as far as just what or how well that's going to go down... Beats the hell out of me.

But there's always time. I have a fully day of tomorrow. I am wanting to tailor my positions at work to go along with my Significant Other's Schedule. The closer we are on the same wave lengths the better, makes things easier especially when we move in together. Might as well start syncing our schedules up, being together and moving in and all.

Something i do hope to accomplish is to really garner a series of friends and allies who share and diverse with me in opinions and personal interests. Another thing i hope to accomplish is to turn myself into a fair critic/reviewer and a great fan caster.

So this is that....