Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement {The T.V. Series, not the Movie}, is an American sitcom centered around 3 groups of people: The Married, the Engaged, and the Single. Each Group are given "Mascots" to sum up that relationship:

The Married - Jeff {Patrick Wareburton} and Audrey {Megyn Pryce} Bingham - both Married 16 years and work seperate jobs, Jeff an Accountant, and Audrey an Assistant Editor at a Magazine, The humor on them centers on the hilarity of the modern American Marriage, a Wife who strives harder then she should to fit in, and a Husband who does the Bread winning, but is also a relaxed and homebased individual who is force by his wife to contribute to Household chores.

The Engaged - Jennifer Morgan {Bianca Kajilich} and Adam Rhodes {Oliver Hudson} - Together for about 2 years {6 months at the start of the series} Jennifer is an of average intelligent concept design artists, and Adam is a member of "Dunbar Incorporated" {Although they're not entirely just in Real Estate it does heavily hint that that is the main function of Dunbar Incorporated}, but while he is business smart he lacks a certain degree of common sense and is therefore seen as being very stupid.

The Single - Russell Dunbar {David Spade}, His assistant Tamir "Timmy" Patel {Adhir Kalyan}. Russell is a trust-fund horn-dog, spending the majority of his time and free will trying to either pick up a chick, or search for internet porn. Timmy is a well cultured Indian, raised in South Africa, who came to American in the hope of building an enterprise for himself and had originally seen being hired as Russell's assistant as the greatest thing to happen, until he actually started working and has been humiliated since.

This is a wonderful series pushing efforts to relate to the human relationship pallet. By far the group that does the best is Jeff and Audrey, who I myself can recall having some similar incidences that they have. This is a wonderful series, and if you can mind a laff-track, I'd highly recommend getting Season 1 and giving the series the Old College Try.

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