Thursday, March 21, 2013


Batman is universally the most popular comic book character second only to Superman. When it comes to the subject of his characterization on film he's been properly characterized only most recently in the famed Christopher Nolan "Dark Knight Trilogy." In the trilogy there were many things done right: Casting, Direction, Script... The entire production team really put things together and added in a sense of Movie-Magic.

One of the biggest challenges of the New DC-Movie-verse {A.K.A. Holy Shit Marvel's cashing in on fanboys Reaction plan.} is casting a new and {if possible} improved Dark Knight. I suppose everyone has their pick for the New Dark Knight... Well i have mine, before i reveal though I wish to talk about why and how it's challenging.

Bruce Wayne, as a persona is one characterization anyone who's ever been in Hollywood could nail. If the movie was going to be just about Bruce Wayne and not his darker-alter ego then anyone in Hollywood could take the role. But seeing how there is an element of duality and the actors have to play a truly tortured soul, there must be an actor who can be tortured and who can play suffered better than anything else.

So the actor I have chosen to Dawn the cape and cowl {and by my count would be 8th Live Action Batman [Since Birds of Prey does exist])}...

Liam McIntyre, Australian Born actor in his early 30's that Stands at 6' 2".  He's best known as Spartacus {Andy Whitfield's replacement} on Spartacus Vengeance. Check out some of his work and look at his work in public as a celebrity. He's the absolutely top choice for the Batman and I really hope to see him cast as the caped crusader for the next live action Batman incarnation.

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