Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This...

We all have dreams, aspirations for which fuel our work, ethics, standards, and personality. I believe dreams are about a big a part of us as a soul. I work at a Super-Center, and it's a place where it's the people that keep me there. I've got good friends, occasionally nice customers, a wonderful soul-mate that also works their. It's the makings of a good day each day I work. Each day I get to see one or more of my friends and we chat. We share frustrations.

Today, writing this blog I noticed that we never shared Dreams. Not in any grand scale anyway. We all have the basic, have a happy life, better job. Each of us are actually very lucky as we have terrible memories but we are reaching a point where the good outweigh the bad. But what about our dreams? Do we have good dreams? Of course. We all have good aspirations. We all have bad ones as well.

Me and my friends we're all lucky enough to have love. And those who love us are tough, they are strong in that they take some jokes and they send 'em back. It's a great sense of acceptance all around. Our dreams reach more than our loves though, but you can bet you're ass our loves are always in our dreams.

But I to head back to the train of thought that began this, Let's share a dream. Like mentioned before I work at a Super-Center. I also read comic books, I am a casual gamer, and I am a collector. Columbus, IN is a place extremely short of comic book stores. And I know some fans always envisioned owning a Comic Book store of their own.

I have that dream, but bigger. I use to phrase it as me wanting to start "The Wal-Mart of Comic Book Stores" but I wouldn't want that history. Wal-Mart has a history unique to it. But I do want to see a Comic Book Super-Center.

I can Always imagine a Comic Book store around the size of K-Mart. Isles of Comic Books, Rows of Clothing all catered to our favorite game and comic characters. Movies, Collectibles, Children Toys, Video and Board Games. A place where I and my friends would hang out discuss all our favorite subjects from Green Lantern's Ring and Star Lord's Fantastic Awesome Mix, to Government status and what we'd like to see to improve the world.

It's a simple dream that has larger boarders. It would be a good honest living that would help build a community.

I've always felt comic books are a way to reach outsiders. To reach youths and troubled individuals who need a sense of escape or just want to read an enjoyable story. Comic Books and Video Games are such a gateway that it makes me wonder why more people in this town don't want to try. Our Comic Book community is short in Columbus, or it seems that way.

Maybe my dream is to open a Supercenter Devoted to The world of Geek and Nerd Culture. Maybe my dream is to enhance a community. I'm not sure what the core value of my dream is. I know that I want to do good, I want to be in an environment where no one is at work because they have to be there, but because they genuinely want to be. Like a guys day out seven days a week and the men or women we love and cherish work with us and where we go home sit with our loves and enjoy our families. Heck wouldn't be nice to have Women working in a Comic Book Store?

Let's dream of expansion. Let's think about our Dreams. One of my friends, mentioned in vague that this involves is a intelligent and articulate blogger best known on the internet as The Master Solace. So, I guess this will be a sort of "Tag" your it moments. Share a dream. I know you've got to have them by the truckloads.

Let's all share a dream. Maybe talking about these dreams might actually light a fire to get us to actually attempt these Dreams. Maybe If I did this I would fail but you know what? We learn from our failure and I know if I ever did this I could hold my head up high and say "I did my best, I lived my Dream for however brief and personally I'm a richer person on the inside for it."

Also, Idea for a new reality T.V. Show. Think "Kitchen Nightmare" But for Comic Book Stores: Kevin Smith and Stan Lee, or more than likely just Stan Lee go around the country giving Comic Book Stores advice on how to survive, with wisdom, experience, and a little personal publicity that might actually help save the stores. Maybe call it "Super Stores!"

Well that's all for tonight folks. Thanks for reading.

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