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Halloween, A Fan Cast in Celebration.

 Composer: A film score (also sometimes called film music, background music, or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score forms part of the film's soundtrack, which also usually includes dialogue and sound effects, and comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental or choral pieces called cues which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in question.

Graem Revell [Notable Works: The Crow, Daredevil, Gotham]: Graem has done some Horror Movies, and he would be perfect. He's certainly got a way with music and can certainly do a lot with Music and really add a dimension to the film.

Screenplay: A screenplay or script is a written work by screenwriters for a film, video game or television program. These screenplays can be original works or adaptations from existing pieces of writing. In them, the movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of the characters are also narrated. A play for television is also known as a teleplay.

 James Wan & Leigh Whannel [Notable Works{As A Writing Team}: Saw, Insidious, Saw 2]: They've done amazing work together in Horror. They know how to make it and could certainly take the Halloween story and redefine it for the 21st Century, These Guys would be perfect!

Director: Directors are responsible for overseeing creative aspects of a film under the overall control of the film producer. They often develop the vision for a film and carry out the vision, deciding how the film should look, in other words they make their vision come to life. They are responsible for turning the script into a sequence of shots. They also direct what tone it should have and what an audience should gain from the cinematic experience. Film directors are responsible for deciding camera angles, lens effects and lighting with the help of the cinematographer and set design with the production designer.

James Wan [Notable Works: Insidious, Saw, Death Sentance]: He's a pretty Great director, He's done some work redefining horror. He became my choice for the Director once he wrote the Conjuring with the Intention of it being a PG-13 Horror movie and it was Rated R anyway. He's certainly got a center on what Horror is and how to scare the hell out of people without the conventional jump scare tactic.

Michael Myers [Height: N/A, Age: 35]: Michael Audrey Myers, Arrest for murder committed on October 31st, was found innocent by reason of insanity. Institutionalized at Smith's Grove Sanitarium he waited for years, Until the right Halloween night came upon him and escaped to commit murder again and relive the surge of power he felt the night he killed his Sister. Luckily for him, he has another sister... Laurie.

Michael C Hall [Height: 5' 10", Age: 43, Notable Works: Paycheck, Dexter, Six Feet Under]: I love Michael's work as an actor, and I know this would never happen, but I wanted to put a real actor under the mask. I think for once it would be pretty great to put in a noted actor as Michael. He's a strong actor and could certainly play this role perfectly. I'd love to take a Chris Pine Captain Kirk mask and redo the hair and widen the eyes and paint it white as a in joke, seeing as Pine is this generations Kirk, Hall would be this generations Michael, fitting considering the original Myers Mask was actually made from remodeling a Captain Kirk Mask from the original Star Trek.

Laurie Strode [Height: 5' 7", Age: 20's]: Young Sister of Michael Myers, in this incarnation her repressed memories hide the relations. She is a college undergrad looking for her place in life, hanging out with Annie Brackett and Lynda Van Der Klok she finds a sense of freedom in herself that she has never really found.

Sarah Hyland [Height: 5' 2", Age: 23, Notable Works: Modern Family, Vampire Academy, Date and Switch]: She is a wonderful actress. Initially I was hesitant to cast her, but as horrible as it is too say she has been dealing with something in the press, with her Ex stalking her and Honestly it makes a person see someone differently. As an Actress she can deliver and I can just imagine her being able to use that horrible experience and give a great performance as Laurie. There's no doubt she would be absolutely perfect for the role.

Dr. Samuel Loomis [Height: 5' 6", Age: 60's]: Michael Myers Psychiatrist, Concvinced that Michael is pure Evil, it would not surprise him at all if he found out Michael Myers was the Devil. He has spent Seven years attempting to reach Michael, and another thirteen attempting to keep him locked away forever.

Gary Oldman [Height: 5' 9", Age: 56, Notable Works: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Robocop, Unborn]: Gary Oldman is without a doubt one of the best actors to have ever lived. The Idea of him taking the role of Loomis is actually realistic. He's a wonderful actor that would absolutely be perfect for the role, He has the Gravity of his characters. Who could possibly hate him as Dr. Loomis?

Annie Brackett [Height: 5' 6", Age: 20's]: A shy girl initially in High School, she has fully found her self in College, reaching out and moving in spirit away from Laurie and closer to Lynda. Annie is the Sheriff's daughter and in her first trimester of pregnancy, something she is desperate to hide from her father, the Sheriff.

Shailene Woodley [Height: 5' 8", Age: 22, Notable Work: Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, The Descendants]: She was originally my choice for Laurie before Hyland, but I felt she would be better off in a role like Annie, She's a decent actress and could really nail down the role.

Lynda Van Der Klok [Height: 5' 8", Age: 20's]: Easy to pass off as the "Town Bycicle" Lynda is highly emotional, having what many in the town believe to be unrealistic aspirations of Modeling and/or acting.

Aimee Teergarden [Height: 5' 7", Age: 25, Notable Works: Star-Crosed, Prom. Scream 4]: Scream 4 wasn't good. But she showed some decent talent and I think she could really grab this role and put the layers underneath it. She's a good actress and could do this job well.

Bob Simms [Height: N/A, Age: 20's]: Lynda's Horn Dog Alcoholic of a boyfriend.

Daren Kagasoff [Height: 6' 0", Age: 27, Notable Works: Ouija, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Blue]: Darren is an OK actor, and starring in Ouija did not at all help him show off his talent. I think this is a small role that can give him some noticeable work.

Sheriff Leigh Brackett [Height: 6'1", Age: 50's]: Sheriff of Haddenfield County, He is very proud of his little community and very watchful over it. When he is told about Michael Myers' Arrival, he is locked and Loaded.

Dennis Quaid [Height: 6' 0", Age: 60, Notable Works: The Day After Tomorrow, Vegas, Vantage Point]: A great actor, funny enough he had actually be married to a member of the original Halloween cast, P.J. Soles (who Played Lynda). He's a strong actor and has the look and feel of a midwestern family man and can certainly play a role like Sheriff Brackett.

Tommy Doyle [Height: N/A, Age: 10]: A Comic Book and Sci-Fi nut, Tommy is going through a dark time, as he is introduced to the concept of the Boogyman, and fears what he believes is the Boogeyman's unrelenting inevitable arrival.

Pierce Gagnon [Height: 4' 2", Age: 9, Notable Works: Looper, The Crazies, Extent]: He's a fantastic little actor that has given consistent performances in his work. He's on the track to become one of the most dynamic and notable actors in his generation, he'd be a great choice for Tommy.

Lindsey Wallace [Height: N/A, Age: 10]: The Ten Year Old Daughter of the Wallaces, who bears a slight crush on Tommy Doyle. She loves horror movies.

Isabella Cramp [Height: N/A, Age: 9, Notable Works: The Neighbors, Possessing of Piper Rose, Jessie]: A great young actress, doing mostly T.V. Work she has shown some real talent and had down both horror and starring roles so she really fits in the role for Lindsey Wallace.

Morgan Strode [Height: N/A, Age: 40's]: Laurie Strode's Foster Father, a Realtor who bought the Myer's house and intended to turn it into something sellable.

Ty Burrell [Height: 6' 0", Age: 47, Notable Works: Dawn of the Dead, Incredible Hulk, Black Hawk Down]: He works with Sarah almost daily on Modern Family. He's a strong actor and does such a wonderful in his presence that you could buy him as the Strode Figurehead, and fits that he plays a Realtor on Modern Family, like Morgan.

 Pamela Strode [Height: N/A, Age: 40's]: Laurie Strode's Foster Mother.

Julie Bowen [Height: 5' 6", Age: 44, Notable Works: An American Werewolf in Paris, Modern Family, Boston Legal]: Considering Sarah is my choice for Laurie it just seemed fitting that she would be the mother of her character in this, they have good chemistry and it would be such a fantastic wink, wink nudge, nudge to the Audience.

Groundskeeper Angus Taylor [Height: N/A, Age: 50's]: The caretaker of the Haddenfield Cemetery.

Jackie Earle Haley [Height: 5' 5", Age: 53, Notable Works: Watchmen, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Little Children]: Jackie is a fun actor and could certainly be fun in this role. He's a great actor and I'd love to see him in this cameo.

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