Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ultimate Spider-Man!


DISCLAIMER: This is a cast for an Adaptation of "Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man" Comic Book, written by Brian Michael Bendis and Penciled by Mark Bagley. While another smaller portion of the cast is based on "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Penciled by Sara Pichelli. I am asking you to judge it on those merits. This is a cast tailored to suit an adaptation of the Ultimate Comics, not the 616 books and not a mixture of both. I understand a number of people aren't fans of the Brian Michael Bendis written Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Book. But as far as direction they're going and the level of "freshness" they're looking for, Ultimate does seem the logical way to go. Back to the point, I just ask that you look over the cast as a whole without letting one or two choices keep you from finishing, and that you judge this cast not as a basic Spider-Man adaptation but an adaptation of the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics. Thank you I hope you enjoy the cast.

(Note: There are no Listed Producers for this because the Producers would be from Marvel Studios and Sony Productions. Basically the same group of Producers responsible for Marvel Phase 2 and The latest batch of Spider-Man Films.)

Production Designer: a production designer or P.D is the person responsible for the overall look of a filmed event such as films, TV programs, video games, music videos or adverts. Production designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of motion pictures and television. Working directly with the director and producer, they must select the settings and style to visually tell the story.

    Scott Chambliss [Notable Works: Star Trek, Salt, Alias]: Scott is a fantastic Designer, his work is very big and very dynamic. He's got the talent, the edge, and the overall vision to really give us a wonderful looking Spider-Man Universe.

Costume Designer: A costume designer is a person who designs costumes for a film or stage production. The role of the costume designer is to create the characters and balance the scenes with texture and color, etc. The costume designer works alongside the director, scenic, lighting designer, sound designer, and other creative personnel. The costume designer may also collaborate with hair stylist, wig master, or makeup artist. In European theatre, the role is different, as the theatre designer usually designs both costume and scenic elements.

    Sammy Sheldon Differ [Notable Works: V For Vendetta, X-Men First Class, Kick-Ass]: She gave the X-Men the 60's Uniform. She was able to lift some of the outfits from the Kick-Ass Comics into the Films. Her work has been consistently stellar, taking the original comic book uniforms of the X-Men and transitioning them into neat, well together and very subliminally individual in tone. There's no doubt in my mind that she could perfectly design the Characters of the Spider-Man Universe, let alone the perfect Spider-Man Uniform.

Director of Photography: A cinematographer (usually credited with the title director of photography, or DP) is the chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film and responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image. The study and practice of this field is referred to as cinematography.

    Trent Opaloch [Notable Works: Captain America The Winter Soldier, District 9, Elysium]: Trent is spectacular as a D.P. His work on Captain America has a wonderful sense of tone in it. He's got the right type of view for a hero, he could certainly do well with Spider-Man.

Film Editor: Film editing is part of the creative post-production process of filmmaking. The term film editing is derived from the traditional process of working with film, but now it increasingly involves the use of digital technology.

    Eddie Hamilton [Notable Works: Kick Ass, X-Men First Class, Kingsmen: Secret Service]: Eddie is wonderful at taking fast pace action and teen drama and mix them together.  His work on X-Men First Class is absolutely astonishing in pacing and in design.

Composer: A film score (also sometimes called film music, background music, or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score forms part of the film's soundtrack, which also usually includes dialogue and sound effects, and comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental or choral pieces called cues which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in question.

    Henry Jackman [Notable Works: Kick Ass, X-Men First Class, Captain America The Winter Soldier]:  His music is fantastic. It's uplifting, personal, and very characterized. Kick-Ass' score felt like a Spider-Man Score. Henry is a wonderful composer. He could definitely harness the sound of Spider-Man. Working with other Marvel Movies, it helps enhance the amount of sensation and wonder he could inject from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a Spider-Man Film.

Executive Consultant: A figure, usually appointed b a studio or director, to assist in the story and creative process helping things stay in character or keep a through line that doesn't interfere or inappropriately evolve from the main story or from it's own events.

    Brian Michael Bendis [Notable Works {For  Marvel}: Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil, Spider-Men]: Brian Michael Bendis' work on Ultimate Spider-Man has been one of the consistently great books by Marvel. It's a book that harassed the spirit of the Lee/Ditko Era, and the excitement and Life of the Conway/Romita Era. His Daredevil run is considered one of, if not thee, definitive take on the character outshining the prestigious run by Frank Miller. Having his hands on an Ultimate Spider-Man is a must to keep it an appropriate adaptation without screwing it up.

Screenplay: A screenplay or script is a written work by screenwriters for a film, video game or television program. These screenplays can be original works or adaptations from existing pieces of writing. In them, the movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of the characters are also narrated. A play for television is also known as a teleplay.

    Zack Stenz & Ashley Miller [Notable Works {As a Team}: Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Fringe, Thor]: They are great writers, they certainly have wonderful characterization and they get the characters they're writing. They have a sense about them that is just wonderful comic book-y yet not cartoonish or inhuman. They are certainly the right guys for Spider-Man.

Script Doctor/Final Draft: A script Doctor essentially takes the existing script and makes tweaks. The Script Doctor could remove, add, or alter Dialogue as needed, keep a sense of continuity among the script so that it keeps itself in check, and edits the script for an overall final draft. This allows for a tighter, more "polished" script.

    Duncan Jones [Notable Works {As A Writer}: Moon, Warcraft, Whistle {Short}): His Original works are nothing short of a Masterpiece. No one wasn't talking about 'Moon' upon its release, Warcraft is said to be one of the few films to break the impossibility of a good video game movie. He's a strong writer that has a lot of talent. While he wouldn't have he main draft, it would be his eye as a writer/director to take the script and fine tune it to fit his style.

Director: Directors are responsible for overseeing creative aspects of a film under the overall control of the film producer. They often develop the vision for a film and carry out the vision, deciding how the film should look, in other words they make their vision come to life. They are responsible for turning the script into a sequence of shots. They also direct what tone it should have and what an audience should gain from the cinematic experience. Film directors are responsible for deciding camera angles, lens effects and lighting with the help of the cinematographer and set design with the production designer. They will often take part in hiring the cast and key crew members. They coordinate the actors' moves, or blocking and also may be involved in the writing, financing and editing of a film.

    Duncan Jones [Notable Works {As A Director}: Moon, Warcraft, Source Code]: He is probably one of the highest rising stars in the Directing field. He's been consistent with though provoking films. His Warcraft is such a lore friendly-designed film that one could imagine his vision plus Marvel's imput on an Ultimate Spider-Man Film Franchise would be absolutely astonishing. It would be the predominant Spider-Man Franchise.

Uncle Ben Parker [Height: 6' 0", Age: 50's]: Ex-hippy Ben Parker lived in a commune for a short time before he met his wife, May. A kind and good-natured man, Ben found married life agreeable and his family welcomed his wife as one of their own. Ben was close to his younger brother Richard and his family, often spending time with them and the family of Richard's partner, Eddie Brock; when Richard and his wife died in a plane crash, Ben and May took in their nephew Peter. Uncle Ben took over as Peter's father figure, and as Peter grew older, Ben recognized his nephew's intelligence and did his best to encourage him in academics.

    Billy Campbell [Height: 6' 4", Age: 55,  Notable Works: The Rocketeer, The Killing, Helix]: I am a huge fan of Billy. He's a hero of heroes. His work on the Rocketeer he played an all-in-all good person. He's got the fatherly sense to really harness this role. He's a great actor. And with the Ultimate Version of Uncle Ben being a bit younger, and even though the film's wouldn't focus on an origin, the film could certainly feature Flashbacks, or "Spirit Talking" as displayed in Spider-Man 2. I think Billy would be a great Uncle Ben.

Aunt May Parker [Height: 5' 7", Age: 50's]: As a girl, May Parker was a wild child; she once shouted a proposal to Jimi Hendrix at a concert, and at fifteen she ran away from home, sleeping in a San Francisco basement for a while. Her family problems were presumably resolved over time, as she now has a good relationship with her mother, who retired to Florida. After marrying Ben Parker, May got close to her sister-in-law, Mary and her husband, Richard, and their son, Peter. When May was told that Mary, whom she considered her best friend, and her husband had died in a plane crash, May and Ben took Peter in and raised him as their own. May became a responsible adult, working in an office cubicle and attending PTA meetings.

    Mariska Hargitay [Height: 5' 8, Age: 51, Notable Works: Law and Order SVU, Lake Placid, Prince Street]: Mariska is a wonderful actress. She's done a wonderful job as a performer. She's always given very thorough and enjoyable performances. Her work would be absolutely fantastic as Aunt May. I think she could really work with the type of Aunt May the Ultimate Universe has.  She has the right age, and she has the right voice for this character. It would be a perfect role for her in the MCU.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man [Height: 5' 9", Age: 15/16]: a shy, intelligent high school student who lives in Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May Parker. He is fifteen years old when the series begins. On a science field trip to Oscorp Industries, a spider exposed to the drug OZ bites Peter. Instead of dying as expected, Peter begins to inherit various superhuman powers. During a fight at his school, Peter blocks a punch from Flash Thompson, and this thrust of the punch breaks Flash's hand. He earns money to pay off the resulting medical bill by wrestling professionally in a costume the promoters provide. On his way home, Peter crosses a market. While he walks through, a burglar runs towards him from the market with cash. Peter lets him go, since he was upset from being fired from wrestling. The burglar later kills his Uncle Ben. Wracked with guilt, he modifies his wrestling costume and dedicates his life to fighting crime. He manages to complete his father's research on adhesives, creating a formula used to create artificial webs. Peter tries to balance school, a job, a girlfriend, his Aunt May and his life as Spider-Man, which proves to be difficult.

    Nolan Gould [Height: 5' 6" {As Displayed by IMDb}, Age: 16, Notable  Works: Modern Family, Friends with Benefits, Space Buddies]: A smart, talented, and young actor. Nolan has seen much praise playing Luke Dunphey in "Modern Family." An actor who is perfect age wise for Spider-Man especially with the intent of having the character play a multi-film commitment, as well he has the physicality for it, and is certainly a talented performer who has the quick-timed comedic value that is essential in casting Spider-Man. While he is Known for playing "Dumb Luke" this guy is a Member of the High-Genius society Mensa, which he has been a member of since he was Four. There is no doubt he would play a perfect Spider-Man, and a spectacularly intelligent and fun Peter Parker. It helps that he actually resembles the character as drawn by both Mark Bagley's and Sara Pichelli's takes on Ultimate Peter Parker. Very much an impressive actor to look at for the role. He's my personal favorite for the role. He is all around perfect for Spider-Man.

Mary Jane Watson [Height: 5' 5", Age: 15/16]: Mary Jane Watson attends Midtown High School with Peter Parker and Liz Allan. Though originally known as "Mary" to her friends, she later picked up the "MJ" nickname. MJ is a brilliant student. She usually expresses her true feelings, though she can be short-tempered and has even physically attacked some of the bullies at her school. At one time, MJ expressed her wish to become an actress, but now dreams of being a "Teacher who Cares".

    Hailee  Stienfeld [Height: 5' 8",  Age: 18, Notable Works: True Grit, Romeo and Juliet, Ender's Game]: She is not only one of the greatest rising stars among the teenage Hollywood collective, but also one of the most beautiful actresses to emerge in the last decade. Having an experience with action films, and character oriented films she has become one of the most talented, multi-ranged actresses of this generation. Her work shows that she would be a beautiful and well performed Mary Jane Watson to ever hit the Silver Screen.

Gwen Stacy [Height: 5' 6", Age: 16]:  a street-wise girl who befriends Peter and Mary Jane. Mark Bagley's rendition of Ultimate Gwen Stacy was inspired by an early-career Madonna. Mary Jane is initially jealous of Gwen for the time she spends with Peter, but Gwen ultimately reveals that she loves Peter only as a surrogate brother. Her father is NYPD Captain John Stacy. He is killed by a criminal in a Spider-Man suit, and she blames the real Spider-Man for his death because he became someone criminals could copy in order to hide their identities. Aunt May opens her and Peter's home to Gwen after her mother refuses to take her. While living with the Parkers, Gwen is killed by Carnage, which instills in Peter even more guilt.

    Chloe Grace Moretz [Height: 5' 5", Age: 18, Notable Works: Carrie, Kick Ass, If I Stay]: Chloe is one of the most amazing actresses to have emerged. She has won nearly Universal Praised for her work in Mark Millar's Kick Ass adaptation. And with her recent work in more character based dramas like 'If I Stay' It shows how deep her talent runs. She has the right sense of talent to portray a character like Gwen and could do it absolutely wonderfully.

Harry Osborn/Hobgoblin [Height: 5' 7" {As Harry} 7' 0" {In Goblin Form}, Age: 16/17]: Harry Osborn was a rich kid who met Peter Parker in public school. Despite their differences the two bonded; Harry improved Peter's social status, and Peter helped Harry with his homework. He also had a brief romantic relationship with Peter's soon-to-be girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson. Harry's father, Norman Osborn, was an industrialist who created the Oz Formula, an experimental solution intended to turn ordinary humans into superhumans. When a spider injected with the Oz Formula bit Peter, he gained superhuman strength and agility and secretly became Spider-Man. Under the pretence of fearing for Peter's health, Norman took sample of Peter's blood, and realized that Oz had made him stronger. Norman subjected himself to the Oz Formula, becoming a hideous demonic monster: the Green Goblin.

    Dylan Sprayberry [Height: 5' 5", Age: 16, Notable Works: Man of Steel, Teen Wolf,  Old Dogs]: Dylan has become a strong actor. His work in Teen Wolf has seen a reasonable amount of aplause and he's only getting stronger as an actor. He's got a sense of charm to him that makes him a standout for the Ultimate Version of Harry. He could certainly get a chance to test his range with this type of role.

Liz Allan [Height: 5' 5", Age: 15/16]: Liz would have a normal childhood, having best childhood friends like Peter Parker and Mary Jane in her life. She was close friends with Mary Jane. A drunk Liz attempted to make out with Peter, who refused her advances when Mary Jane saw them. They later had a very personal moment when both students were called to talk about the Green Goblin's attack on the school. Otherwise, there was no instance of any relationship between Peter and Liz.

    Saxon Sharbino [Height: 5' 7", Age: 15, Notable Works: I Spit On Your Grave, Trust Me, Poltergiest]: Saxon is a great young talent. She's done a wonderful job in Touch, and is about to be introduced into the horror world with the upcoming remake of Poltergiest. She is a wonderful performer and would certainly play this role with an astonishing amount of fun and sternness. She would be absolutely Perfect as Liz.

Fred "Flash" Thompson [Height: 5' 10", Age: 16/17]: Flash Thompson is a jock who attends Midtown High School in Queens, New York. He bullied fellow classmate Peter Parker with the help of a taller, stouter student nicknamed 'Kong'. Parker was often left alone when his friend Harry Osborn stepped in, since he was a basketball teammate of Thompson. After Peter gained his powers, Flash challenged him to a fight, resulting in his hand getting broken by Peter's super strength. When Parker joined the basketball team himself, Thompson's attitude gradually changed, as he was loyal to his teammates.

    Colin Ford [Height: 5' 10", Age: 18, Notable Works: We Bought a Zoo, Under the Dome, Supernatural]: He has grown up into a great actor. He's shown a sense of strength and depth as an actor. Age wise he is perfect for Flash, and could certainly leave a very strong mark on the character.

Kenny "Kong" MacFarlane [Height: 6' 2", Age: 18]: a former bully of Peter, who now has an on and off friendship with him. Initially a big fan of Spider-Man, Kong eventually figured out that Peter is secretly Spider-Man.

    Gabriel Basso [Height: 6' 0", Age: 20, Notable Works: Super 8, The Kings of Summer, The Big C]: Gabriel is a pretty cool actor. A bit older than the principle cast, but he's shown a great deal of talent for an actor as young as he, and he has a sense of fun and energy, as displayed by his terrific performance in Super 8, that makes him perfect for Kong.

Captain John Stacy [Height: 6' 0", Age: 40's]: NYPD veteran Captain John Stacy's dedication to his job was eroding his family life; his wife Ginger was having an affair while his daughter Gwen grew up a rebellious teen, barely seeing her father due to his police schedule. John was the detective assigned to the Ben Parker murder where he first encountered May and Peter Parker, the victim's wife and nephew. Later, Stacy was called to a factory where Ben Parker's killer was holed up, and glimpsed Spider-Man (secretly Peter Parker) as he delivered the bound criminal to the police.

    Nathan Fillion [Height: 6' 2", Age: 44, Notable Works: Firefly, Castle, Serenity]: He's one of the most beloved actors in T.V. History. Fans have been wanting to see him in a major Comic Book Role, and it seems like he might have came as close to that as he could with his minor Appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, Myself I'm partial to letting him play a dark character, a character with a troubled world Like John Stacy. Since barely anyone who isn't a massive nerd wouldn't know it's Nathan Fillion in Guardians I think he could get another role in the MCU with a bit more "face time." He's done serious roles and it works for him. A role like this really allows him to play with his strengths and is part of one of the most interesting super hero mythos in comic book history.

J. Jonah Jameson [Height: 5' 11", Age: 40's]: He has a predisposition to dislike vigilantes, such as Spider-Man. He hired Peter Parker as the Daily Bugle's webmaster after he displayed his expertise right after Jonah rejected his photographs of Spider-Man. Jameson is also somewhat kinder and more reasonable than his mainstream counterpart. He does not always misprint Spider-Man's masked escapades (the first time he did this, he inspired "Spider-Man Christmas"), gave Peter his job back once Aunt May reasoned with him, and was willing to give Peter a raise when she was hospitalized

    Jon Hamm [Height: 6' 2", Age: 43, Notable Works: Mad Men, The Day The Earth Stood Still, 30 Rock]: Jon is a great actor, and he is cast to death. He's perfectly happy not being a Superhero. He's a great actor and he has done humor and serious drama. He's got proper comical aspects and he has a good voice that could make him a wonderful Jameson.

Joseph Robertson [Height: 6' 0", Age: 40's/50's]: Joseph "Robbie" Robertson worked the Daily Bugle years before Peter Parker's employment, and is seen often arguing with J. Jonah Jameson

    David Harewood [Height: 6' 0", Age: 49, Notable Works: Homeland, Blood Diamond, The Vice]: I like David, he's a strong actor with a good voice and a commanding presence. He's been Heralded in Homeland and can certainly bring some of that prestige to Robbie, and would be pretty beloved while stretching both Dramatic and Comedic muscles, furthering what talent he has as an actor.

Betty Brant [Height: 5' 7", Age: 30's]: Betty Brant is the secretary of J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle. Initially she worked herself up into a rage while trying to build the Bugle's website. Fortunately Peter Parker took over from her and got his job at the Bugle as a webdesigner.

    Alexis Bledel [Height: 5' 7", Age: 33, Notable Works: Sin City, Gilmore Girls, Violet & Daisy]: Alexis has grown as an actress. She's done strong in her performances both in indie films, big budget movies, and in basic t.v. series. She has a bright future as an actress and would certainly take this role with a sense of Ernest and maturity that it deserves.

Dr. Curt Conners/The Lizard [Height: 5' 10" {As Conners} 6' 4" {As Lizard}, Age: 40's/50's]: A noted geneticist funded by Stark International who lost his right arm under unrevealed circumstances, Curt Conners dedicated himself to finding a means of restoring lost limbs, studying the regenerative capabilities of reptiles; however, after five years without major breakthroughs, his sponsors were on the verge of cutting his funding. Drowning his disappointment with alcohol, the drunken Conners injected himself with an experimental serum in a desperate attempt to achieve results. The serum regenerated his right arm but also transformed Connors into an inhuman reptilian creature. Seeking refuge in the sewers, he became an urban legend, dubbed "The Lizard" by the press. A sympathetic Spider-Man sought out Conners who attacked the young hero until the Man-Thing happened upon the scene and restored Conners to human form. Conners’ restored right arm soon withered and died; however, his DNA remained irreparably damaged, with dormant potential for further transformation, and he cut himself off from his wife and son out of fear for their safety

    Michael Shanks [Height: 6' 0", Age: 44, Notable Works: Smallville, Stargate SG-1, Saving Hope]: Michael Shanks is a wonderful actor, he's done some strong performances as a good hearted man of Science, and always injected a level of fun and excitement in his performances. He's a great talent, and would certainly be able to get into the darker aspects of the character as well as the much more fun and horror-esq parts of Conners.

Felisha Hardy/Black Cat [Height: 5' 6", Age: 20's]:  Felicia Hardy, blames her father's death on the Kingpin. Taking revenge, she steals a priceless artifact that he was going to use on his comatose wife.

    Maika Monroe [Height: 5' 6", Age: 21, Notable Works: It Follows, The Guest, Labor Day]: She has recently starred in the increasingly popular Horror Film "It Follows." Currently inline to co-star in the upcoming Sci-Fi/Action Film "The 5th Wave." She's shown a great amount of talent, taking in character driven roles and now about to delve right into a heavy action film, she has shown the marks of a truly great actress. She has every bit of talent necessary and with her role in The 5th Wave being so action oriented she is undergoing intensive training that gives her the martial arts talent that make her such threatening Black Cat with all the charm of the character.

Jessica Drew/Spider-Girl [Height: 5' 5", Age: 15/16 {Physically}]: After his villainous actions, Otto Octavius was given a chance to redeem his past crimes by using his scientific genius to work for the CIA and the FBI. Ben Reilly, Dr. Conners' lab assistant, was also given a similar deal for his involvement in creating Carnage. Using their collective scientific research and Peter Parker's DNA, they successfully created a new series of clones of Peter Parker, one of which was a female version of Peter Parker called Jessica Drew. By the time Jessica was aware of her own existence, she became a fully developed clone.

    Willow Shields [Height: 5' 2", Age: 14/15, Notable Works: The Hunger Games Franchise, A Fall From Grace, Beyond the Blackboard]: A strong actress in the making. Her work has been deep, strong, and enjoyable. She has a strong sense of strength in her performances that make her noticeable. She has a very emotional sense about her that allows her to be the perfect Jessica Drew, while the role is fun it's also Highly emotional one. She would be perfect to give an ultimate Spin on Jessica Drew.

Captain Jean De Wolff [Height: 5' 8", Age: 30's]: Police Captain Jean DeWolff first became involved with Spider-Man when he fought against a criminal impostor who framed the web-slinger while committing a series of robberies. The impostor was defeated and left for DeWolff to arrest.

    Cote De Pablo [Height: 5' 6", Age: 35, Notable Works: NCIS, The Jury, The Last Rites of Ransom Pride]: Cote is a fun actress. She's been looking for something new, and while DeWolff is familiar ground it gives her a wider road to take the character and she would absolutely rock the role!

Dennis Carradine [Height: 5' 10" {Estimated}, Age: 40's]: A burglar, who after robbing a store he bumped with Peter Parker, although he had the opportunity to stop him, Parker let him pass, arguing that it wasn't his responsibility to stop him. Days later, this same burglar broke in the residency of Ben and May Parker at Queens, when he asked for money to the two residents, Ben joked that he may had more money than they had. Angered, the burglar shot and killed Ben. He later run to a near warehouse. When Peter, Ben's nephew, learned what happened, he went to stop this assassin in his costumed identity of Spider-Man. After realizing this criminal was the same he let go days before, Peter learned the lesson "With great power comes great responsibility". Before leaving the scene, Spider-Man left the burglar to the authorities to get him.

    Kirk Acevado [Height: 5' 10", Age: 43, Notable Works: The Walking Dead, Oz, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes]: Kirk has played such a$$holes in film, that this role felt perfectly fine for him. He's not an oscar winner, but he seems like the perfect person to murder Ben Parker, and it would be fun to bring that character back.

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin [Height: 5' 9" {As Osborn} 7' 0" {In Goblin Form}, Age: 40's/50's]: Norman Osborn was a corrupt industrialist and scientist who tried to perfect the Super-Soldier drug for S.H.I.E.L.D.. He neglected his wife Martha Osborn and son Harry Osborn. After an OZ-injected spider bit Peter Parker during a field trip at Oscorp, Norman theorized that since the OZ combined with spider DNA gave Parker the abilities of a spider, if Norman were receive OZ combined with his own DNA he could become a heightened version of himself. The experiment went horribly wrong and an explosion occurred, affecting Harry and Dr. Otto Octavius, and Norman was transformed into a grotesque monster.

    Christian  Slater [Height: 5' 9",  Age: 45, Notable  Works: Archer, Mind Games, True Romance]: He's one of the most commanding and range heavy actors of any generation. He's practically the Jack Nicholson of his generation. He's done some heavy work that take different edges. He's done comedies, serious drama, and even some action. It's surprising he hasn't been tapped for a major comic book role. He's beyond talented enough, he's even the kind of actor Marvel would target. Some people wonder about his voice, to me it has a bit of a Smarmy Wall Street vibe. Many forget that Norman is a Wall Street Guy as well as a Scientist.  I think Slater has the right voice, the perfect presence, and an overall commanding presence an actor. He would be a great Norman Osborn and the chance for him to Go crazy and play a role like The Goblin side of Norman would really show a frightening side of Slater and Osborn. He'd rock the Ultimate take, especially with the wonders of Mo-cap to help aid the physical attributes of the character. He'd probably would be as epic as James Spader as Ultron.

Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus [Height: 5' 10", Age: 40's]: Dr. Otto Octavius was a lab assistant to Norman Osborn and secretly a spy for Osborn's business rival, Justin Hammer. He was caught in a lab accident (the same one that turns Norman into the Green Goblin), grafting his traditional metal arms onto his body. After this incident, he was able to communicate with these mechanical arms via telepathy. He modified his arms to have the power to morph into different shapes, and then sought revenge against Justin Hammer, but Spider-Man intervened. Although Octavius was defeated by Spider-Man, Justin Hammer perished due to a heart attack caused by Doctor Octopus' attack.

    Peter Sarsgaard [Height: 6' 0", Age: 44, Notable Works: Green Lantern, Lovelace, The Killing]: Peter is a great actor. He deserves some redemption for the poorly written and poorly edited Green Lantern.  He is genially a great actor and has the talent and the presence to play Otto. He could certainly harness the energy and the overall cruel nature of the Ultimate Version. It'd be a great redemption of in the eyes of comic book fans, he just needs a shot. He's a great actor and would be perfect.

Frederick Foswell/Mr. Big [Height: N/A, Age: 50's/60's]: Mr. Big was a mobster and the head of Wilson Fisk's Enforcers. He wore a business suit and a fedora hat which overshadowed his eyes. Foswell was scheming to overthrow Fisk, who he believed wasn't a true mobster who didn't want his "hand's dirty", by using Spider-Man as his secret weapon. The plan backfired and Fisk learned that Foswell was the one responsible for Spider-Man's assault on his office.

    Michael Bowen [Height: 5' 10", Age: 61, Notable Works:  Kill Bill, Breaking Bad, Jackie Brown]: I think this is a uniquely fitting role for him. He's good at playing horrible person or straight out mobsters. A role like Frederick Foswell fits him perfectly. He's a great actor and could certainly shine in a role like this.

Bruno Sanchez/OX [Height: N/A, Age: 30's/40's]: Along with the other Enforcers, Ox was seen as an employee of the Kingpin, a criminal who controlled most of the crime in New York. When Ox's leader, Mr. Big, was revealed by the Kingpin as the one who planned in overthrowing the Kingpin after sending Spider-Man to Fisk Towers, Kingpin have the Enforcers betraying their boss and having Ox and Montana holding Mr. Big as the Kingpin crushes his skull. Ox, along with Montana, was disturbed and lamented of Mr. Big's death and had planned on turning himself in to the authorities. After losing twice to Spider-Man, the Enforcers supposedly disbanded. After that Ox was arrested and spent some time in jail, during which it was revealed that Ox was not evil, just misguided.

    Edgar Ramirez [Height: 5' 10", Age: 38, Notable Works: The Bourne Ultimatum, Deliver Us From Evil, Carlos]: Edgar is a great actor, and he's been mentioned for Bane multiple times. I can't say I'm 100% for that, but I am willing to give it a chance. In the mean time I figure I'd give him a shot at another powerhouse, this time at Marvel. For Bruno Sanchez, the Ultimate version of OX. While the character might be large, but I think Edgar has the talent for it, and those who want to see him play Bane could probably agree with him in this role.

Dan Rubenstien/Dan Crenshaw/Fancy Dan [Height: N/A, Age: 40's]: Along with the other Enforcers, Fancy Dan was seen as an employee of the Kingpin, a criminal who controlled most of the crime in New York. After losing twice to Spider-Man, the Enforcers supposedly disbanded. Much later, they came back together to work for Hammerhead. This pitted them directly against their former employer.

    Jeffrey  Donovan [Height: 6' 0", Age: 46, Notable Works: Burn Notice, Touching Evil, Bait]: This is the kind of role that really got Donovan his start. He's a great actor and has done consistently well as an actor. He's got the edge, the humor, and the style that makes him perfect for Fancy Dan. He would do absolutely wonderful as Fancy Dan.

Montana Bale [Height: N/A, Age: 30's]: Along with the other Enforcers, Montana was an employee of the Kingpin, a criminal who controlled most of the crime in New York. After losing twice to Spider-Man, the Enforcers supposedly disbanded. Much later, they came back together to work for Hammerhead. This pitted them directly against their former employer.

    Scott Caan [Height: 5' 5", Age: 38, Notable Works: Haiwaii Five-Oh, Into the Blue, Ocean's Eleven]: Scott is a fun actor. he's got a sense of enjoyment with him. His work in the Ocean's trilogy actaually inspired this. He was great in those movies, he was fun and not too dark. He really brought his 'A-Game' and could certainly take a role like this and add depth to it.

Herman Schultz/Shocker [Height: 5' 11", Age: 33]: Herman Schultz, alias the Shocker, was a 33-year-old petty crook who raided money transports. He wore a purple trench coat and a pair of goggles to protect his eyes. Prior to enter a life of a crime, Herman earned an education in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and used to work at Roxxon Industries and invented his weapons there, such as rotating gyro splints that could "take out a tank" and compound geno-cycles that could paralyze a person. He was later fired and then became the Shocker to "get what he deserves" for all the work he has done. He was not especially dangerous and fought Spider-Man five times, suffering five embarrassing defeats. He perpetually ended up in jail with his equipment confiscated, but he somehow managed to get a new set every time he escaped, supposedly making new vibration units in the machine shop while still in prison.

    Jesse Plemons [Height: 5' 10", Age: 26, Notable Works: Breaking Bad, Battleship, The Master]: He's been considered a rising star, and has been looked at for some pretty big roles, after appearing in the critically acclaimed 'Breaking Bad' as well as having some fun in the awful Battleship he's show he's ready for some new roles. A role like Shocker might not seem too big for him but it certainly seems like a fitting role. With plenty of of appearances for him it'd be a good, steady paycheck as well as a great deal of fun for him to invest in. He's certainly talented enough to play this role with no problem. 

Maxwell Dillon/Electro [Height: 5' 9", Age: 30's-40's]: As a result of experimentation by Justin Hammer, Max Dillon was given the power to control and create electricity. He was sold by Hammer to the Kingpin in exchange for a real-estate development contract. Spider-Man defeated him. Electro later escaped from federal custody, murdering several people in the process. The superhero team the Ultimates re-apprehend him and placed him in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, along with the Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin.

    Michael Pitt [Height: 5' 11", Age: 33, Notable Works: I Origins, Boardwalk Empire, NBC's Hannibal]: Michael is a fantastic Actor, commonly used in Spider-Man Casts as Carnage {which works}, Surprising he hasn't popped up as Harry Osborn {Which Would Also Work}, but a role I felt he would be extraordinary in is that of Electro. It's a role that would let Michael show something new about him.

Sergie Kravenoff/Kraven The Hunter [Height: 6' 2", Age: 40's]: Sergei Kravinoff was an Australian and the host of his own reality show in which he hunted down dangerous animals. He intended to hunt and kill Spider-Man on live TV in order to boost his ratings. But when he finally confronted Spider-Man, he was knocked out with a single punch (revealing that he was actually a fraud), only to be arrested by the police moments later. His defeat was captured on live television, and, after this public humiliation, his show was cancelled.

    Dan Feuerrigal [Height: 6' 1", Age: 33, Notable Works: Spartacus, McLeod's Daughter, Winners and Losers]: Dan is actually a great actor.  He's given some good performances and has show that he is great at playing killers and warriors. He's got the rough demeanor and the talent to play an action oriented character like the Ultimate Version of Kraven the Hunter.

Flint Marko/Sandman [Height: 6' 2", Age: 30's]: Flint Marko was a petty crook before Justin Hammer took him in and experimented on him, being one of the results of an attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Serum. Shortly after Hammer was killed by Dr. Octopus, S.H.I.E.L.D. infiltrated Hammer's factory to take care of any experiments Hammer had been working on. Marko used this opportunity to escape and wreak havoc upon New Jersey. S.H.I.E.L.D., with the help of Spider-Man, contained him and imprisoned him in a S.H.I.E.L.D holding facility.

    Joe Anderson  [Height: 5' 11", Age: 33, Notable Works: Across The Universe, Hercules, Horns]: Joe is actually a better actor than he gets credit for. He's got some real range and is very fun in his performances. He could certainly take over a role like this and breathe some new life into it. He's a great actor on his way up.

Alex O'Hirn/R.H.I.N.O. [Height: 4' 9" {O'Hirn, Estimated} 8' 0" {R.H.I.N.O. Suit}, Age: 40's/50's]: Under unknown and classified circumstances, the man who became the Rhino stole an experimental suit of armor from the U.S. military. Using the suit's incredible strength, the Rhino robbed a Manhattan bank, charging the vault head-first and destroying it. He then rampaged through a busy street attempting to make his escape, destroying anything in his path, including police cars, with ease. While Spider-Man raced to the scene, Iron Man arrived, stopped the Rhino's assault and captured him. The Rhino was taken into military custody.

    Simon Pegg [Height: 5' 10", Age: 45, Notable Works: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, Shaun of the Dead, Star Trek]: Simon is one of the most enjoyable actors to watch. And while the Ultimate version of the R.H.I.N.O. was the basis for the Amazing Spider-Man 2, it wasn't direct enough. I think Simon could nail the role, and could certainly have fun with it. He'd rock the Alex O'Hirn character and could be enjoyed in a Spider-Man Movie.

Eddie  Brock Jr/Venom [Height: 5' 11", Age: Mid-20's]: Eddie Brock Jr. was Peter Parker's closest childhood friend. However, the genesis of "Venom" had begun years earlier. A genetically engineered protoplasmic "Suit", it was designed by Richard Parker and Edward Brock Senior. Richard intended it to be used for medical purposes in his quest to cure cancer, but Ed Sr. was more interested in the military applications of the suit. After the deaths of both Parker and Brock, Eddie Jr. continued the research, using two samples from a suit he found in his father's cold storage unit that were originally created for Richard Parker's DNA. One of these samples bonded with Peter. Afterward, Peter warned Eddie of the dangers of the Suit when its enhanced metabolism and aggression nearly drove him to kill. Eddie, angry with Peter for destroying the Suit, (their 'inheritance') used a second sample to become Venom. The Suit consumed Eddie alive and drove him insane, forcing him to feed on other humans. Eddie confronted Peter at his high school, where the two fought; Venom attempting to consume Spider-Man. The fight spilled out onto a nearby street, where Police arrived. Not knowing what Eddie had become, the Police opened fire on Eddie, and Eddie accidentally stepped on a powerline where he was electrocuted and he mysteriously disappeared leaving only a small dead pile of the suit on the ground.

    Tom Felton [Height: 5' 9", Age: 27, Notable Works: Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter Franchise, The Apparition]: Tom is one of the most Dynamic actors I've seen. He can really transform himself as an actor.  He's done some amazing work and could really activate all the traits of Eddie Brock Jr. He'd be absolutely perfect to play the Venom traits and the Eddie Brock personalities of the character. He'd be absolutely perfect for this version of Venom.

Donald Roxxon [Height: 5' 8" {Estimated}, Age: 30's]: Donald Roxxon was born to a wealthy family and was heir to the Roxxon Corporation. While young, he didn't have to try hard at anything in life given his rich background. But when his father died he left the multi-conglomerate pharmaceutical empire to him. Which surprised Roxxon a bit, because his father had hated him. As a result, Roxxon doesn't have any business skills or control over his corporation thanks to his lack of care for himself, and even doesn't know what his corporation do. Although, Roxxon realized that he is surrounded by his enemies ranging from rival businessmen such as Norman Osborn and Justin Hammer and from his own Board of Directors. And because of this, Roxxon had to make many tough decisions to keep his head above water.

    Jonah Hill [Height: 5' 7", Age: 31, Notable Works: Moneyball, The Wolf of Wall Street, True Story]: I know a lot of people must be thinking 'you can't be serious!' But if you look at his performances in such critically acclaimed films as 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and 'Moneyball' you see he has a very serious side to him as well as plucky comic-relief. It gives him every avenue to play a great Donald Roxxon. And allows for a more thorough connection into the MCU. Jonah is a 'Grade A' actor and can certainly offer some fun for Spider-Man.

Simon Maddicks/Killer Shrike [Height: 6' 1" {Estimated}, Age: 30's-40's]: First appears when attacking the Roxxon Corporation looking for Adamantium that they have locked away there. He is intercepted by Spider-Man who proceeds to defeat him and leaves him to authorities.

    Alexander Skarsgard [Height: 6' 4", Age: 38, Notable Works: True Blood, Battleship, The Giver]: A character like Maddicks is a character that could have so much potential, given the right opportunities. Alexander is a fantastic Actor and a lot of people would see him too good for a role like this, but the chance for him to take an unknown character and pretty much reinvent him is a rare trait with highly established characters. Killer Shrike is a character with promise and Alexander could certainly enjoy the numerous liberties with this character.

Silver Sable [Height: 5' 9", Age: Mid-To-Late 20's]: Unaware that her father was a Nazi hunter, dedicated to tracking down escaped war criminals who had evaded justice, a calling which left him little time to spend with his family, the young Silver Sable grew up only aware that her father wasn't around and that her mother was an alcoholic who physically abused her. Sable vented her anger through fighting in school, eventually growing into a cold-hearted adult. However her life changed when one of her father's associated notified her that her father was dying, and wished to see her one last time. Witnessing his dying form, Sable was over come by a need to help him, but it was too late. He explained why he had not been in her life more, and that he wished he could live long enough to teach her all he knew. After her father died, the grief stricken Silver had her father's associates train her to be like her father.

    Evan Rachel Wood [Height: 5' 6", Age: 27, Notable Works: The Wrestler, Ides of March, Thirteen]: With a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a long career of strong performance both of Fun Movies and Dramatic oscar worthy roles, She has shown a lot of talent at a young age. She has a strong sense about her and would certainly be a perfect for the role of Ultimate Silver Sable.

Blackie Drago/Vulture [Height: 5' 11", Age: 40's]: Once an operative of the elite intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D., Blackie Drago was decommissioned for unknown reasons and became a criminal mercenary. He was hired by disgruntled inventor Elijah Stern to kill the Roxxon Corporation's CEO Donald Roxxon as part of a revenge scheme. Stern wanted to use Vibranium as a theoretically limitless source of power, but Roxxon failed to see his work's potential, and then fired him as part of a corporate downsizing. Stern stole money from Roxxon accounts to fund his work, and resolved to destroy Donald using technology he had invented for the corporation, including a flying combat suit resembling a vulture. He came into direct conflict with the Wild Pack, Roxxon's hired guns, and was defeated by Spider-Man and taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and imprisoned in the Triskelion.

    Sharlto Copely [Height: 6' 0", Age: 40, Notable Works: District 9, Elysium, A-Team]: Sharlto work as an actor is beyond intrigue, its consistatly stellar. He has activated so many different themes as an actor. He has done a good person, an Insane Comedic relief, and insane assassin. He's got all the right styles to take a role like Blackie and make him threatening. He could make the character Iconic as a villain. He's got so many venues to take the character it would be absolutely amazing.

Elijah Stern/Tinkerer [Height: 5' 8", Age: 50's]: Elijah Stern was a scientist who worked for Roxxon's research and development. When Stern was fired from the company, he was, at the time, on the verge of discovering how to use vibranium as an unlimited power source. With his research and breakthrough ruined, and filled with a need for vengeance, Stern hired supervillains Killer Shrike and the Vulture to commit a series of attacks on his former company.

    Leland Orser [Height: 5' 8", Age: 54, Notable Works: Daredevil, Taken, Escape from L.A.]: Leland is an awesome actor, He's done numerous small roles in cult films. He's a great actor at playing smart, hurt, and dim characters. His character in Escape From L.A. was very much like Elijah in spirit. He would be perfect in the role and could really own it.

Michael Morbius/Morbius The Living Vampire [Height: 6' 1", Age: N/A]: Morbius is a Vampire, the son of Vlad Dracul II, and brother of Vlad Dracula III himself. Morbius heroically struggles against his baser instincts. He met Spider-Man in a misunderstanding, centering around a cabal of vampires attacking Ben Urich. He was trying to stop Urich from becoming a vampire, which he succeeded in doing despite the conflict. When Spider-Man was bitten by the vampire that targeted Urich, Morbius found that his blood was changed, considered diseased and thus reassured Spider-Man's that he was immune from changing into a vampire. He told Spider-Man that if they ever met again, he would have to grow up.

    Richard Madden [Height: 5' 11", Age: 28, Notable Works: Game of Thrones, Cinderella, A Promise]: He's gained some popular recognition with Game of Thrones.  He's show an enormous amount of Talent and has really show a new side of himself in Cinderella and that's what really makes the choice perfect. He can play a hard fellow and a charming prince that makes it possible for him to have a sense of duality.

Beetle [Height: N/A, Age: N/A]: The Beetle is a Latverian agent who was sent to New York City to retrieve a symbiote sample from Roxxon. During and before his theft he was approached by Spider-Man. At first Beed tried to avoid having to fight him. Ultimately, Spider-Man's interference foiled the Beetle's theft by inadvertently causing him to drop the symbiote sample, and making it worthless to retrieve.

    Sam Witwer [Height: 6' 1",  Age: 37, Notable Works: Being Human, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Mist]: He's an awesome actor, and fans have wanted him in some kind of Comic Book role, and he's certainly lobbied for it, but hasn't had much luck in way of it. He's a wonderful actor that could be absolutely perfect as Beetle.

Dr. Adrian Toomes [Height: 5' 10", Age: 50's/60's]: Scientist Adrian Toomes worked with Bolivar Trask in removing the Venom symbiote from Eddie Brock Jr.. However, before the removal could take place, the Beetle attacked Trask's facility and distilled everyone present with knockout gas, including Toomes.

    William Fichtner [Height: 6' 0", Age: 58, Notable Works: The Lone Ranger, Drive Angry,  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]: Fichtner is hands down one of the most interesting and fun actors to ever watch. His work is just phenomenal, it's fun and it's worth watching. He's a but older and it really gives off an unsettling vibe that makes him perfect for Adrian Toomes. He's got all the right pieces to play the role perfectly.

Mysterio [Height: 6' 1", Age: N/A]: Mysterio was a master criminal who had been committing four unhindered crimes by having a police technician set up surveillance equipment on the police department. NYPD's police captain Frank Quaid asks Spider-Man to aid them in finding the crook who is somehow able to stay ahead of his unit. Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man's love interest, figures out how the criminal does it after the hero informs her of the situation. After the police arrests his accomplice, the villain destroys his hideout, vowing to get even with Spider-Man as he escapes.

    Devon Graye [Height: 5' 8", Age: 28, Notable Works: The Flash, 13 Sins, Husk]: He was absolutely amazing in the Flash. After seeing his work as the Trickster I had to see him in another role. He would be perfect to add an element of Fun and darkness that made the Ultimate Mysterio a wonderful take on the character. He's got the talent, he does wonderful in his performances and he could really give Spider-Man a run for his money.

Production Designer: A production designer or P.D is the person responsible for the overall look of a filmed event such as films, TV programs, video games, music videos or adverts. Production designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of motion pictures and television. Working directly with the director and producer, they must select the settings and style to visually tell the story.

    Gregory Melton [Notable Works: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Mob City, Walking Dead]: He's familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has become certainly attatched to the Universe. He's got the perfect designs for Marvel's Spider-Man.

Costume Designer: A costume designer is a person who designs costumes for a film or stage production. The role of the costume designer is to create the characters and balance the scenes with texture and color, etc.The costume designer works alongside the director, scenic, lighting designer, sound designer, and other creative personnel. The costume designer may also collaborate with hair stylist, wig master, or makeup artist. In European theatre, the role is different, as the theatre designer usually designs both costume and scenic elements.

Ann Foley [Notable Works: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Terminator Salvation, Star Trek Into Darkness]: Her work for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has been a draw for fans of the series, her Deathlok made big waves and her work as a very tactical feel. While the movie itself wasn't stellar, the look of the characters in Terminator 4 were very well conceived. I enjoyed her very toned and fitting work of the future with Star Trek Into Darkness and I feel she would have the right feel to give us a reasonable T.V. Spider-Man Suit that isn't too cheesy.

Series Composer: A film score (also sometimes called film music, background music, or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score forms part of the film's soundtrack, which also usually includes dialogue and sound effects, and comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental or choral pieces called cues which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in question.

    Bear McReary [Notable Works: The Walking Dead, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Outlander]: Bear has done wonderful work. His themes for each show are perfectly molded to the series they are attatched to. He can certainly take the tone of the series and build the perfect music around it.

Series Developer: the show's creator. They pick the crew and help cast the actors, approve and sometimes write series plots setting it up for a long television run.

    Marti Noxon [Notable Works {As A Writer: Fright Night {2011}, Buffy The Vampire Slayer {T.V. Series}, I Am Number Four]: An established and highly talented writer, Marti is responsible for one of the best film remakes in history, in the form of 2011's Fright Night. She took beloved characters made changes and brought it to the 21st century. Her episodes of Buffy are praised, and she has a unique voice to her characters, She would be absolutely perfect to develop a true Ultimate Spider-Man series based on Miles.

Showrunner: Showrunner is a term originating in the United States television industry referring to the person who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of a television series—although such persons are generally credited as an executive producer. The term is also occasionally applied to people in the television industries of other countries. The duties of a showrunner often combine those traditionally assigned to the writer, executive producer and script editor. Unlike films, where directors are typically in creative control of a production, in episodic television the showrunner usually outranks the director.

    Marti Noxon [Notable Works {As A Showrunner/Exec Producer}: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Still Life]: A friend of Wheddon and established Showrunner, Marti Noxon has been the mind behind some Whedonverse favorites like Buffy and Angel. It would be nice to see her work on Spider-Man as his teenage sensibilities work well within the confine of her established filmography. She has done some terrific work with characters in their youth and could be a fresh pair of eyes for a Miles Morales t.v. series.

Miles Morales/The Spider-Man [Height: 5' 8", Age: Teens]: After Norman Osborn was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D, and publicly revealed as the Green Goblin, Osborn Industries was left abandoned. Nearly two months before Peter Parker's death, a thief broke into Osborn Industries. Unknown to the thief a spider genetically enhanced with the Oz formula crawled into his bag.  Miles Morales, a young kid from Brooklyn visited his uncle Aaron Davis against his parents' wishes, because of his criminal past, after being awarded the final spot in a charter school lottery. After being bitten by the Oz-enhanced spider, which emerged from Aaron's bag, Miles discovered he received super-human abilities like camouflage, increased agility, and some sort of stunning blast. After revealing his newly found powers to his best friend, Ganke Lee, both ended in the conclusion he had power similar to Spider-Man's, including wall-crawling. But Miles reacted negatively, as he just wanted to be normal, deciding to leave the heroism to the actual Spider-Man. Months later, Spider-Man died saving his family from Osborn. Miles arrived late to the scene. Struck with grief at not helping Peter Parker before his demise, Miles decided to follow Parker's philosophy -- with great power comes great responsibility -- and so continue Peter's legacy.

    Coy Stewart [Height: 5' 8 1/2", Age: 16, Notable Works: Are We There Yet, Bella and the Bulldog, The Electric Company]: Coy is a good actor for a young kid. He's certainly got the humor and comedic timing to get Miles attempt at whit, He has a strong sense about him and can certainly harness the strength and attitude of Miles. Another neat little addition is one of his first gigs was working on the Television revival of the Electric Company, the original of which featured the first live action incarnation of The Original Spider-Man.

Jefferson Davis [Height: N/A, Age: N/A]:  Jefferson had cut all ties with criminal activities, and despised Aaron for having remained in the old ways, even prohibiting his son Miles from interacting with his uncle. Jefferson was now a man with sensible morals who strives to teach Miles the differences between right and wrong, and lead him down the correct path in life. Jefferson and his wife Rio were present at the lottery drawing for Miles' chance to enter the prestigious Brooklyn Visions Academy, and they were pleased when they discovered their son had been accepted as one of its attendants. Later, while searching for Miles, he burst into his brother Aaron's home, which resulted in a dispute between the two siblings. Jefferson told Miles about his and Aaron's shared past as a thieves, and how he had worked tirelessly to find a better life for himself. Jefferson has displayed an open dislike of mutants, especially in the wake of Magneto's attack.

    Shemar Moore [Height: 6' 1", Age: 44, Notable Works: Criminal Minds, Motives, The Brother]: A wonderful actor adept at playing cops. Shemar has grown a large fanbase and has been wanted for a comic book role for some time. I find this to be the perfect role for him, it certainly lets him tap into a new area of characterization and I think he would certainly play this role as written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Rio Morales [Height: N/A, Age: N/A]: Rio Morales was the mother of the second Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Unlike her husband, Jefferson, she was in favor of the new Spider-Man and super-heroes. Like her husband, Rio wanted the best for her son and hoped that his experience at Brooklyn Visions Academy would aid his future.

    Alana Del La Garza [Height: 5' 9", Age: 38, Notable Works: Law and Order, Forever, Do No Harm]: A wonderful actress who has time and time again shown a wonderful range of talent. She's a classy actress that has really shown her marks in shows like Law and Order. I find her to be a fitting choice for Rio, both having similar ancestry, and Alana having some talent she is perfect for the role.

Kate Bishop [Height: N/A, Age: Teens]: Kate Bishop was a student at the Brooklyn Visions Academy, and classmate of Miles Morales. One year after Miles' mother died, Kate and Miles began dating. She was unaware that Miles was the new Spider-Man, although he cared about her enough to contemplate telling her about his secret identity. She was shown to have survived the events of Cataclysm, seen kissing Miles in a stairway. Miles revealed to her that he was Spider Man. After realizing he was telling the truth, she ran away from them. After watching Spider-Man fight the Green Goblin on the news, Katie goes to bed, her parents wishing her goodnight before all three say "Hail Hydra."

    Stefanie Scott [Height: 5' 4", Age: 18, Notable Works: A.N.T. Farm, Frenemies, Wreck-It-Ralph]: She's a strong actor and has a great working relationship with Disney, She's got talent and this gives her a chance to not let it go to waste but still keeping inline with her Disney Contract. She is certainly perfect for the role.

Ganke Lee [Height: N/A, Age: N/A]: Ganke was the best friend of Miles Morales and the only person who Miles had shared his secret with. It was Ganke who figured out that Miles carried similar abilities to Spider-Man. He was first alerted of his friend's newfound powers when Miles came bursting into his room and explaining the events that transpired to give him such abilities. Thrilled at Miles's "cool" powers and making the initial assessment that he was a mutant, Ganke made suggestions that he should be a superhero and embrace his abilities; though Miles was much more reluctant to use his powers and wanted to ignore them in pursuit of a normal life. He later made the correct deduction that Miles's abilities were not a product of mutant DNA, but as a result of tampered genetics.

    Ryan Potter [Height: 5' 5", Age: 19, Notable Works: Big Hero 6, Supah Ninjas, Senior Project]: He was beloved as Hiro in Big Hero 6, maybe now it's time for him to join the real Marvel Universe. He's a talented actor, and the role of Ganke is actually perfect for him to be more fun and dramatic with decent material, it flexes his muscles and that's a big plus.

Frank Quaid [Height: 6' 0" {Estimated}, Age: 30's/40's]: NYPD Captain Frank Quaid was a successor of Jean DeWolff. Like his predecessor, Quaid became involved with Spider-Man at several crime-scenes but didn't harbor Dewolff's hidden corruption. Also, Frank was among the police officers who were tipped by Moon Knight to arrest the Kingpin. Frank personally arrested the fallen crimelord. He is the Police Captain over Jefferson Davis' Precinct.

    Coby Bell [Height: 6' 3", Age: 39, Notable Works: Burn Notice, The Game, Third Watch]: Coby is an awesome guy. I loved his work in Burn Notice. He did a great job of playing a moral driven agent and was certainly fun at it. He certainly fits in this world. He was originally my choice for Jefferson but then I chose Shemar, but I always felt Coby had to be involved, I loved his work and as Frank Quaid he fit perfectly.

Aaron Davis/The Prowler [Height: N/A, Age: 40's]: Aaron Davis was a burglar and career criminal. His brother used to be his partner in crime. Whereas his brother reformed when he became a father, Aaron continued his criminal activities as the Prowler and became estranged from his brother. While stealing technology from Osborn Industries under orders from Roxxon, a spider genetically enhanced with the Oz formula crawled into his bag and later bit Miles Morales, granting his nephew powers and turning him into the new Spider-Man.

    Michael Jai White [Height: 6' 0",  Age: 47, Notable Works: Spawn, Arrow, Black Dynamite]: Michael has done roles like this before and has made his characters both compelling and irredeemable. Michael certainly has the talent to make this character something bigger than he already is, and really delve deep to give us the essential take on this character.

Frank Oliver/Kangaroo [Height: 6' 0", Age: 40's]: Frank Oliver is a gang-boss, who takes advantage of the Kingpin's misfortunes to take over territory and rackets. The Kingpin targets the man, utilizing his corrupt policewoman lover Jean De Wolfe. Various heroes confront Oliver; this leads to his arrest by Officer De Wolfe. Following his release from prison, Kangaroo paid a visit to a former partner of his, looking for his cut of their last deal together. Just as he prepares to kill the man, Oliver is defeated by the new Spider-Man.

    Dustin Clare [Height: 5' 10", Age: 33, Notable Works: Spartacus, McLeod's Daughter, Satisfaction]: I like Dustin, he's a great actor and supremely fun. His work as Gannicus was very fun, but very deep and dark. He works extremely well for the role and does a wonderful job that makes him an Absolute for the Kangaroo.

Tony Masters/Taskmaster [Height: 6' 2" {Estimated}, Age: 40's]: Tony Master was a mercenary with the abilities to mimic a person's abilities and skills. He was hired by Donal Roxxon to hunt down two captives subjects of the Roxxon Brain Trust's experiments.

    Common [Height: 6' 0", Age: 43, Notable Works: Hell on Wheels, Selma, Wanted]: Common is a powerful actor. He really commanded the field when he was on 'Hell On Wheels' and he was delightfully fun in 'Wanted' and with a deeply emotional appearance in 'Selma' He's certainly a smart and richly talented actor who could take a role like this and make it Iconic.

Maximus Gargan/El  Scorpiono/The Scorpion [Height: N/A, Age: 40's]: Maximus Gargan is on the FBI's Most Wanted list, having fled the country before a federal case could be brought up against him for accusations of murder, assault, and racketeering. Those who fear him call Maximus Gargan the Scorpion. In Mexico, Scorpion became a mob boss and worked with the Prowler. Seeking vengeance from Davis, who stole money from him, Scorpion traveled to New York in search of the Prowler. Upon arriving in New York City, he began to form a plot to become the city's new Kingpin of Crime. The Prowler discovered his nephew was the new Spider-Man and forced him to defeat the Scorpion in order not to tell his parents the truth.

    Amaury Nolasco [Height: 5' 10", Age: 44, Notable Works: Max Payne, Transformers, Prison Break]: Amaury is a strong actor, he's got a sense about him that makes him work perfectly suited for this role. The real performance that brings Amaury into the perfect mindset for Maximus was his work in Prison Break, it showed perfectly well what he was capable of as an actor. He's got range, I'd love to see him use it.

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