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An Ultimate Fantastic Four Movie

We all know Sony has been attempting a deal with Marvel over the use of Spider-Man, many Marvel fans are extremely excited. This signals possibilities with other studios such as 20th Century Fox, who seem to be hiding their upcoming Fantastic Four Reboot from much of the Public Eye. Due out August of 2015 and with no Promotional images or even a teaser trailer, it's easy to think that not only do fans think it will fail, but Fox does as well. Their efforts to bury this Fantastic Four Reboot seem to be largely positive to many fans of the Classic books who have little to no interest in seeing such a heavy departure from 616 canon.

It's easy to think at this point, 'it's only a matter of time before Fox will negotiate a Fantastic Four treaty.' If the reboot fails, Fox still holds the rights, but I doubt any Fantastic Four books would be published. If Fox and Marvel can reach a deal, giving each studio a bit of play in the action, well then I feel that it would certainly be a stepping stone into the right direction. {Heck both could Co-Finance, One could Distribute in N.A. and the other gets International. Disney would certainly want International as it does much better over seas, but if an FF Flick could generate the positive buzz the like of  Guardians of the Galaxy, well then they could stand to make as much in N.A. as Disney would in International. Any Non-Fantastic Four Films should just issue a reasonable rental fee, That way Disney would be able to Further their story in the grander scheme of things, and Fox could make some money off it. Maybe slowly integrate X-Men and Fox/Disney Marvel could stand reasonably well.}

So for that, I considered the best way to start a Union would be to reboot what is done. Take an angle that works for Both Studios. Start young, establish well talented actors, and do the Fantastic Four more or less in the vein of the Earlier Ultimate Fantastic  Four Books before the Ultimatum atrocity. So in that, I have prepared a cast for such a project, I present:

 (No Producing Crew will be present, We all know it would be a Mix of Fox Producers and Kevin Feige and the Marvel Force.)

Production Designer: a production designer or P.D is the person responsible for the overall look of a filmed event such as films, TV programs, video games, music videos or adverts. Production designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of motion pictures and television. Working directly with the director and producer, they must select the settings and style to visually tell the story.

    Mark Freidberg [Notable Works: Noah, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, State of Play, Across The Universe]: I loved his work on Amazing Spider-Man 2, the look of the film was pretty spectacular. I think he could certainly harness the perfect look and design for an Ultimate Fantastic Four World.

Costume Designer: A costume designer is a person who designs costumes for a film or stage production. The role of the costume designer is to create the characters and balance the scenes with texture and color, etc.The costume designer works alongside the director, scenic, lighting designer, sound designer, and other creative personnel. The costume designer may also collaborate with hair stylist, wig master, or makeup artist. In European theater, the role is different, as the theater designer usually designs both costume and scenic elements.

    Trish Summerville [Notable Works: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo {U.S. Version}, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Gone Girl]: Her work is wonderful. Her costumes in Catching Fire for the Tributes was exactly the type of Energy I want for a Fantastic Four Costume. She has immense talent in crafting the look of characters with attitude and sequence, She would be awesome in desiging the costumes of Marvel's first Family.

Cinematographer:  A cinematographer (usually credited with the title director of photography, or DP) is the chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film and responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image. The study and practice of this field is referred to as cinematography.

    John Schwartzman [Notable Works: Pearl Harbor, The Green Hornet, The Amazing Spider-Man]: I've said it before, I'll say it again, I love his New York, I loved his Oscorp, I love his subterranean worlds. He is a fantastic Cinematographer. With such an energy that keeps the mood and balance of each new location something true to itself and different in it's spirit.

Film Editor: Film editing is part of the creative post-production process of filmmaking. The term film editing is derived from the traditional process of working with film, but now it increasingly involves the use of digital technology.

    Eddie Hamilton [Notable Works: Kick-Ass, X-Men First Class, Kick-Ass 2]: He's got wonderful skill in mixing the tone of action, drama, and the thematic properties of a story. He does such a wonderful job in the editing booth that it makes him a wonderful choice to put together this  Fantastic Four Series.

Composer: A film score (also sometimes called film music, background music, or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score forms part of the film's soundtrack, which also usually includes dialogue and sound effects, and comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental or choral pieces called cues which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in question.

    Henry Jackman [Notable Works: X-Men First Class, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Kick  Ass 2]: His work is wonderful. His music has a sense of Power to it, His music is young and timeless. It has a true sense of thematic prowess to it and That makes him perfect to score Ultimate Fantastic Four.

Screenplay: A screenplay or script is a written work by screenwriters for a film, video game or television program. These screenplays can be original works or adaptations from existing pieces of writing. In them, the movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of the characters are also narrated. A play for television is also known as a teleplay.

    Jeff Wadlow [Notable Works: Cry-Wolf, Never Back Down, Kick Ass 2]: His scripts have witty characters, fast paced action, and well organized stories. I think he would really enjoy taking the characters and adapting them with some of his own ideas mixed he could really put together a great Fantastic Four movie.

Director: Directors are responsible for overseeing creative aspects of a film under the overall control of the film producer. They often develop the vision for a film and carry out the vision, deciding how the film should look, in other words they make their vision come to life. They are responsible for turning the script into a sequence of shots. They also direct what tone it should have and what an audience should gain from the cinematic experience. Film directors are responsible for deciding camera angles, lens effects and lighting with the help of the cinematographer and set design with the production designer. They will often take part in hiring the cast and key crew members. They coordinate the actors' moves, or blocking and also may be involved in the writing, financing and editing of a film.

    Jeff Wadlow [Notable Works: Cry-Wolf, Never Back Down, Kick Ass 2]: Jeff is a talented individual.  He's smart enough to really develop the right tones and moments from a comic and properly adapt it with fresh and exciting ideas. There is no doubt he would be able to properly adapt the Ultimate Fantastic Four into a feature film.

Gary Richards [Height: 6' 1", Age: 40's-50's]: The Father of Reed Richards, gruff, angry, disappointed, and possibly abusive towards his Genius son. He openly admits he wished his son was more like Ben Grimm, and is more than happy to send Reed to live and work at the Baxter Building in exchange for money.

    Gary Cole [Height: 5' 11", Age: 58, Notable Works: Office Space, Talladega Nights, The West Wing]: Gary Cole is one of the most fantastic actors to have worked in this. I think he bares a heavy resemblance to the character and he has a lot of attitude that just overall feels perfect for the character.

Mary Richards [Height: N/A, Age: N/A]: The loving Matriach of the Richards family who positively encouraged her young son to pursue a dream of Science.

    Gillian Anderson [Height: 5' ", Age: 46, Notable Works: NBC's Hannibal, The  X-Files, Crisis]: She is such a wonderful and legendary actress. She does such wonderful work and it's always fantastic. I'd love to see her make a cameo in this and really would love to see her shine just for the sake of how great she is and what ties to Nerd Culture she has.

Edith Richards [Height: N/A, Age: Pre-Teen]: The young sister of  Reed Richards who gives her brother constant grief being their father's obvious favorite child.

    Madison Lintz [Height: N/A, Age: 15, Notable Works: The Walking Dead, Supernatural, After]:  She's a strong actress, she's given some very notable performances and she could be really fun in this role.

Young Reed Richards [Height: N/A,  Age: Young Teens]: Child prodigy. A genius seemingly unparalleled who unintentionally gives His father no end of Grief in his mistaken efforts to make him proud. Reed gains the muscle of Ben Grimm as a best friend, earning him protection and friendship in exchange for tutoring.

    Charlie Tahan [Height: N/A, Age: 16, Notable Works: Charlie ST. Cloud, I Am Legend, Frankenweenie]: Charlie is a cool actor, he's young but he's really finding his place in the roles and I think he has a strong sense of vulnerability that makes him click as Reed.

Young Ben Grimm [Height: N/A, Age: Teens]:  The All Star Linebacker, one of the most Popular kids at the Yancy Street Public School. He's almost the leader. He is the best friend of Reed Richards and has been instrumental in keeping Reed from being bullied, in return Reed helps him with homework.

    Colin Ford [Height: 5' 10", Age: 18, Notable Works: Supernatural, We Bought a Zoo, Under the Dome]: Colin is a strong actor, and for Middle school/Early High School Ben I wanted to cast someone older than that to get the sense of his size as a younger athlete and Colin has that.

Dr. Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic [Height: 6' 1", Age: 20's-30's]: Reed Richards is brought closer to the stereotypical scientist; he is as brilliant as his original counterpart (with an IQ of 267), but he is somewhat awkward, younger, and wears glasses. He comes from an abusive family. His father Gary shows no regard for him and views his accomplishments with contempt. His mother is warmer towards him but is constantly trying to maintain peace between the two. His middle name is Nathaniel. He becomes part of a "think tank" with other advanced youths, their headquarters being the Baxter Building. He is mentored by Professor Storm and meets Johnny and Sue Storm. As in Marvel-616, Reed Richards is romantically involved with Sue Storm. Ben Grimm is his only friend and protector.

    Eddie Redmayne [Height: 5' 11", Age: 32, Notable Works: Theory of Everything, Jupiter Ascending, Les Miserable]: Eddie has been given critical praise for his performance in the role of the Iconic Scientist Stephen Hawking. With such a warming and uplifting performance it would be absolutely easy to see him in the role of Mr. Fantastic. He's got the look and the talent to play the World's 2nd Smartest Man.

Sue Storm/Invisible Girl [Height: 5' 6", Age: 20's-30's]: The oldest child of renowned scientist Dr. Franklin Storm, Sue Storm inherited her father's genius. From early childhood, she was one of the prodigies studying and working at the Baxter Building, a midtown Manhattan government research lab. Following her father into physics, at age eight she built a sugar-powered rocket and accidentally destroyed her father's car, after which she changed her focus to "inner space" biology. Romancing brilliant Baxter Building classmate Reed Richards, Sue became a formidable scientist in her own right, earning four doctorates in bio-chemical sciences. Attending the Nevada desert testing of Reed's N-Zone dimensional teleporter, Sue was transported a mere three miles into the desert by the device's malfunction. Making the study of herself and her three partners her new life's work, Sue spent months investigating their abilities and charting their powers while improving her own understanding of herself.

    Maggie Grace [Height: 5' 9", Age: 31, Notable Works: Taken, Lockout, About Alex]: She's given consistently great performances, she's really came out of her shell.  I think she has a lot of potential. She has the look and could easily play a very Intelligent and scientific iteration of Sue as displayed into Ultimate Fantastic Four. There's no doubt she would play this role strongly.

Johnny Storm/The Human Torch [Height: 5' 10", Age: 20's]: Johnny Storm, the youngest child of scientist Franklin Storm, failed to inherit the genius shared by his father and older sister, Sue. Educated through public schooling, Johnny attended high school at P.S. 440. He spent his formative years at the Baxter Building labs, but despite his access to its high-tech resources, he rebelliously resisted taking advantage of this opportunity to learn. Johnny attended the test of Reed Richards' Nevada desert N-Zone teleportational device and was transported by its malfunction to France. Waking in a hospital bed there, he briefly burst into flame with no harm to himself. Taken to the Baxter Building, he continually inadvertently burst into flame, slowly learning to control his combustion by reciting "Flame On" and "Flame Off.

    Sam Claflin [Height: 5' 11", Age: 28, Notable Works: The Hunger Games: Catching  Fire, The Riot Club, Love Rosie]: Sam is an awesome actor. I'm not sure what it is about him but he's got charisma and wonderful talent. He's a great actor, handsome and has the appeal to play an utterly perfect Human Torch. He would be an absolutely wonderful choice for Human Torch, be it Ultimate or Classic 616.

Ben Grimm/The Thing [Height: 7' 5", Age: 20's-30's]: Benjamin Grimm grew up in the neighborhood of Queens, in New York City. At a young age, he attended Midtown Middle School, where he became the star linebacker for the school football team. During this time, he befriended a child prodigy named Reed Richards. Possessing an unique intellect, Reed was often the target of school bullies, and Ben took it upon himself to protect Reed from those who would seek to persecute him. As reward for this valuable service, Reed agreed to help Ben with his homework. Ben and Reed parted ways when Reed was only ten-years-old. A government sponsored think-tank recruited Reed into working for them at the Baxter Building. Ben continued with his education and eventually entered college. Learning of his best Friend's work in  Nevada, Ben vacationed their for Spring break. He visited the testing sight of a teleportation project. During the visit, Reed invited him to witness the first field test of the N-Zone Initiator. The experiment proved to be a tragic disaster. It to tore open a dimensional breach, releasing a blinding wave of energy, which shunted all five witnesses to different geological locations. Ben awakened in a small village in Mexico. As he rose to his feet, he discovered that he was no longer entirely human. The N-Zone effect increased his body mass, transforming him into a gargantuan thing with flesh composed of living rock.

    Jared Padalecki [Height: 6' 4", Age: 32, Notable Works: Supernatural, House of Wax, Friday the 13th]: Jared is a strong performer. He's done some really wonderful work, he's got a strong voice, height, and the skills to perform a loving brother figure. He would certainly be a great actor to play such a Dynamic take on Ben Grimm. He could certainly harness a very deep, and powerful delivery of "It's Clobberin' Time!"

Alicia Masters [Height: N/A, Age: N/A]: Alica Masters is blind sculpture student at the School of Visual Arts. Being a sucker for sensitive guys, she found herself drawn to Ben Grimm.

    Emilia  Clarke [Height: 5' 2", Age: 27, Notable Works: Games of Thrones, Terminator Genisys, Shackled]: Emilia is a wonderful actress with a terrific range. She's about to take the reigns of Sarah Conner and early on she was my choice for Sue but due to her height I went with a taller actress. She does a wonderful job and I had to have her in this cast.

Dr. Franklin Storm [Height: N/A, Age: N/A]: Franklin Storm was a scientist who devoted his life towards the establishment of the Baxter Building think tank in Manhattan. He was married to scientist Mary Storm and the father of Susan and Johnny Storm. At a later point during his children's younger ages, Franklin divorced his wife as she left her family on her scientific foray to discover Atlantis. He lied about this fact to his children, explaining that she died in an accident. Since the Fantastic Four was formed, Franklin often supported the team's adventures as their mentor and scientific adviser. At times,his relationship with his children become strained due to his instincts to protect them from their misadventures. This continued even after his wife returned to his family's life.

    Aaron Eckhart [Height: 6' 0", Age: 46, Notable Works: I,Frankenstien, The Dark Knight, Erased]: A great actor with a mound of talent, Aaron has given strong performances. He's got a sense of charm that matches Johnny and could certainly play an intelligent figure, the intelligence being a strong resemblance to Sue. He would be a wonderful actor to join this ensemble. He would be perfect for the role of Franklin Storm.

Agent Lumpkin [Height: N/A, Age: N/A]: Competent military commander responsible for the Baxter Building, William Lumpkin recruited a young Reed Richards to join a scientific "brain trust" at the site.  The crass Lt. Lumpkin was later given "standing orders" to keep the Fantastic Four "safe". However the logic of Reed Richards and the recklessness of other team members often defied and frustrated the commander.

    J.K. Simmons [Height: 5' 10", Age: 59, Notable Works: Spider-Man Trilogy, Burn After Reading, Juno]: Yeah I went Older for Agent Lumpkin then I should have. But with his work in Burn After reading he just felt like this perfect choice. He's got the right voice for Lumpkin and great comical timing that he is just overall perfect for the character.

Arthur Molekevic/Mole Man [Height: 4' 10", Age: 40's]: Dr. Arthur Molekevic was employed at the Baxter Building as both a research scientist and a passionate teacher to the geniuses who studied there; however his unpleasant personal appearance alienated the students (some of whom referred to him as the "Moley Moley Mole Man" behind his back) (but only with the exception of his respected Latverian student Victor van Damme), and his continual refusal to follow the facility's research guidelines alienated his superiors. When the government found his work on creating humanoid mold creatures, they sent General Ross to the Baxter Building to fire Molekevic, with the approval of Molekevic's supervisor, Dr. Franklin Storm (father of Susan and Johnny Storm). In the subsequent five years, Molekevic went through various professional and personal changes, studying philosophy, religion, and ancient cultures as well as continuing his own work in biotechnologies. He located the underground remains of a culture which he believed to be the lost continent of Atlantis. In one of these chambers, 1.4 miles beneath Manhattan, he monitored the Baxter Building's research while creating his own servile race of mold men, dubbed "ani-men." Using DNA scraped from weaponry found in the ruins, he also created a giant-sized serpentoid monster who served him.

    Christopher  Gauthier [Height 5' 6 1/2", Age: 38, Notable Works: Smallville, Watchmen, Freddy Vs Jason]: A good actor who's made a career out of playing all manner of roles, while the take he had on Toyman stood as the most notable take, he was iconic in the role. He's able to play intelligent and has the overall look and talent as an actor to play such a different take on the Mole Man. I have no doubt he would nail the Ultimate Mole Man role!

Victor Van Damme/Doctor Doom [Height: 6' 1", Age: 20's-30's]: On Victor's tenth birthday, his father revealed to him that he was descended from Vlad Tepes Dracula, whose descendants were scattered across Europe. Those who settled in Belgium married into the Van Damme family. Around age twelve, Victor was brought to America and began studying at the Baxter Building, a government think-tank of young geniuses, such as Reed Richards and Susan Storm. He worked to help Reed Richards develop a teleporter to the "N-Zone", but reprogrammed its coordinates without telling anyone. This caused the accident that gave the Fantastic Four their powers. Though Victor maintains that the original Richards programming was so bad that even he couldn't fix it, and that it was this that led to the accident. Van Damme was caught in the same accident, and his flesh was changed into a metallic hide (with a somewhat reduced ability to perceive tactile sensations and pain), clawed hands, his legs transmogrified into demonic goat-hooved legs, and he re-appeared on Earth at an undisclosed location in Europe. For a time, he was the charismatic leader of a small micro-nation called "Free State", "Freezone", or "The Keep", a Permanent Autonomous Zone located in Copenhagen, Denmark, where citizens lived without rent in a shanty town under squatter's rights, and were given free comforts and necessities in exchange for loyalty to Van Damme. There, a dragon tattoo was given to new settlers, incorporating microfibers that interfaced with the brain and acting as a cunning mind control device. However, the Fantastic Four eventually freed them from Doom's control during their first battle.

    Gaspard Ulliel [Height: 5' 11", Age: 30, Notable Works: Hannibal Rising, Silent Laurent, A Very Long Engagement]: I loved him in Hannibal Rising, he played a fantastic Hannibal and since then he has aged into an actor that I would absolutely love to see Play Doctor Doom. I feel he would have the passion the style and methodology to play Dr. Doom. He fits perfectly with the characterization of Doom in the Ultimate books.. Also with his accent I think it would be easier for him to work with an accent coach to develop a Latverian accent for the role. I have always been a big fan of Gaspard, he's a strong actor and I think that he would absolutely be perfect for it. Personally I love Kebbel as an actor, but I honestly believe Gaspard would be a much stronger fit for the Josh Trank Dr. Doom. It could be that I just want to see Ulliel play Doom so well.

Nihil/Annihilus [Height: 6' 5", Age: N/A]: Annihilus was the tyrannical ruler of the N-Zone. The members of his space-born race were exceedingly long lived, and Nihil could live long after the N-Zone universe had died. As Nihil's solar system aged, he slowly gathered the vessels of whatever life forms he found, melding their ships into one large conglomerated station, also apparently claiming whatever he needed from those he saved. In this manner, he built himself a large kingdom, a space station in which he took what he wanted while returning the necessities of life to his vessels. The name "Nihil" is actually a traditional cast title for leaders and punishers, dating back to feudal times of his race.

    Michael Sheen [Height: 5' 9", Age: 45, Notable Works: Underworld {Franchise}, Masters of  Sex, TRON Legacy]: Michael is a wonderful actor, He has a phenomenal energy about him. It was his work in the Underworld Movies that convinced me he's capable of playing such a monster that Nihil is. I think he could really get into the role and develop it as something frightening and otherworldly.

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