Thursday, April 4, 2013

You are indeed a remarkable boy. I think I'll eat your heart.

Hannibal, an American T.V. Series developed by Bryan Fuller based on the Novel Series Created and Written by Thomas Harris. The series cast has 3 male leads, in the titular role is Mads Mikkelsen, Co-Starring in the role of Agent Will Graham is Hugh Dancy, and as Special Agent Jack Crawford is the well respected Laurence Fishburn. The Pilot Episode, entitled "ApĂ©ritif ", was Written by Series Developer Bryan Fuller and Directed by David Slade {Hard Candy}. 

 The story opens in the middle of a lecture given by Graham, who afterwards is confronted by F.B.I. Agent Jack Crawford in need of his very active imagination in a manhunt for a serial killer. In due process of the manhunt Graham's grip on reality appears to be slipping, in order to assist Graham in actively taking down the killer Crawford gets in touch with Lithuanian Psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter. From this moment on history is born.

Despite the fact the Episode is a Pilot, everything from the acting to the score to the writing to the directing is all absolutely top notch. I have never seen a pilot this well put together. I'm not going to lie I really enjoyed the Pilot of Bates Motel, but it was very obviously a Pilot. This episode feels like the opening chapter of a novel, or the first issue of a great comic series.

Instantly my favorite performance in this episode was Mads Mikkelsen's Lecter. I'm not sure if he is using his natural Danish accent or a Lithuanian accent but he is doing an amazing job. He's picture perfect for the role he get's the character's mannerisms down-pat, he really seems to understand the character and that makes it a very wonderful performance. If this series does evolve into a 10 year run, Mikkelsen will be to Hannibal as Michael C. Hall is to Dexter. I'd even go as far as saying it'd be a much better performance at that point then Anthony Hopkin's legendary take on the role.

Hugh Dancy is a stand out as Will Graham. I don't know why, but his take on the character strongly reminds me of the Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner {Hilarious considering that Both Dancy and Ruffalo have succeeded a role from Edward Norton [Star of the 2002 Red Dragon]}. Dancy brings his A-Game and is greatly respected and enjoyed. I can see him really making waves as Graham and eventually becoming the new face of the character.

Laurence Fishburn commands and entertains as Agent Jack Crawford. His work in the Pilot does not go unnoticed as he is the overarching character that sets up what will become the infamous pair. I enjoy his take on Crawford, very bossy but always wanted on screen. Fishburn does a great job of scene stealing giving such a magnificent performance. In one scene it was a battle for the scene as it featured the 3 Male leads and each one stole the scene right after the other in a continuing chain that lasted until the scene ended.

Bryan Fuller's script for the Episode richly sets up the series perfectly. The idea this is a pilot it's well established. His dialogue and actions are well placed. It plays off very well and very realistic. It get's wonderfully complicated for a small amount of intelligent intrigue. It never get's more complicated then it needs be. It plays of well but isn't without faults. Notable faults for the episode are noted by the lack of a Thriller element of the films and novels. The script does aim it's focus a lot towards Graham, introducing the Main Character half way through the pilot. 

David Slade's visuals are easily a wonderful aspect of the series. I'm not commonly a fan of Slade, most notably he directed the 3rd Twilight Saga film which i found to be a terrible film and an unenjoyable movie. Here he really brings his A-Game as a director and sets the Series tone very well. If he is the main influence in the performances I seriously hope he continues to direct the series. If there's any aspect done perfectly it's just the overall feel of the Episode, as it had none of the "New Pilot Smell" About it and felt like a mini movie from a directorial stand point. 

All in all I seriously encourage everyone, whether you be a fan of Horror, thriller, or of Hannibal the Cannibal himself, to check this series out. The Hannibal Pilot get's a very well deserved 9/10!

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