Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Conan The Barbarian

Conan, the Robert E. Howard Creation, is a favorite character of mine. I love the whole work of the character. For those of you who don't know... Conan is a Cimmerian Warrior {Think Nordic Viking mixed with historical Cimmerians [Though I don't get why people clamor for Conan to be a Darker person, this version of Cimmeria was always a "Northern" Area.]} who one day left his family and his village to explore the world, his adventures start at the ripe old age of 15, and take place through the time he was Crowned King of Aquilonia in his 40's. He stands tall and sullen, with ash grey/blue eyes and is drapped by long hair. He is a genius when it comes to tactics, warfare, literature, social knowledge {of the time} and every type of combat from hand to hand to catapult.

The reason why I'm saying any of this is I've been playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion, as Conan. I actually got an outfit similar to his Movie {Schwarzenegger} that I enjoy keeping the character in. He's fun to play as and really allows me to "Delve" deeper into the character. Overall it's a fun experience, making me conisdering Getting the famed Skyrim for the soul purpose of creating another Conan. Any who, just wanted to post this to get it out there. tootle do.

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