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Marvel's Moon Knight Fan Cast


Series Composer: A film score (also sometimes called film music, background music, or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score forms part of the film's soundtrack, which also usually includes dialogue and sound effects, and comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental or choral pieces called cues which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in question.

                Brian Reitzel [Notable Works: Hannibal, Boss, Watch Dogs]: For Moon Knight there is the need for a unique sound. Something that is different from everything else. Marvel has done well with that, as Jessica Jones doesn’t sound or feel like Daredevil but the characters are also inherently different. Moon Knight for his surface value has carried many basic traits that matches Daredevil and Batman. So using a score that plays different from Jones and Daredevil gives it a different edge. For that I chose Brian Reitzel, his work is best known to me through Watch Dogs and NBC’s Hannibal. His work on Hannibal was dark, gritty, and very psychological in nature and that was the type of sound I wanted for Moon Knight. The character is a broken man and so it’s a composer like Reitzel that could put that into a sound.

Production Designer: A production designer or P.D is the person responsible for the overall look of a filmed event such as films, TV programs, video games, music videos or adverts. Production designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of motion pictures and television. Working directly with the director and producer, they must select the settings and style to visually tell the story.

                Alex DiGerlando [Notable Works: 99 Homes, True Detective, Chi-Raq]: His work with True Detective was very much the appropriate look that Marvel has given New York in the Netflix series. He’s certainly had an edge for it and does a wonderful job taking that spirit and tone and making it something remarkable. Alex has done a great job with his view on the world. Seeing him take Moon Knight’s vision of New York would be remarkable.

Costume Designer: A costume designer is a person who designs costumes for a film or stage production. The role of the costume designer is to create the characters and balance the scenes with texture and color, etc. The costume designer works alongside the director, scenic, lighting designer, sound designer, and other creative personnel. The costume designer may also collaborate with hair stylist, wig master, or makeup artist. In European theatre, the role is different, as the theatre designer usually designs both costume and scenic elements.

                Ann Foley [Notable Works: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Star Trek Into Darkness, A-Team]: She has a slick appearance to her designs. She did wonderful in Agents, Her work was stunning and slick in Star Trek and it got very dirty and urban in A-Team. She’s got the right eye to work on Moon Knight.

Cinematographer: A cinematographer (usually credited with the title director of photography, or DP) is the chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film and responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image. The study and practice of this field is referred to as cinematography.

                Matthew J Lloyd [Notable Works: Fargo, Cop Car, Daredevil]: He’s worked for Marvel. He’s got the eye of the New York lense. He’s so experience at this that he really felt like the only cinematographer that could do it right. He did wonderful and it would go a long way to showing the same universe.

Series Developer and Showrunner: the show's creator, is in charge of running the show. They pick the crew and help cast the actors, approve and sometimes write series plots (some even write or direct major episodes). Various other producers help to ensure that the show runs smoothly.

                Alex Proyas [Notable Works: Dark City, Garage Days, The Crow]: He’s a legendary Filmmaker. His writing isn’t as notable as his directing, but as a director he’s one of the single best storytellers that has come from and Indy circuit. He’s a great storyteller and I think the story could definitely fit under his reign as a showrunner. I think the character is absolutely appropriate for Alex.


Khonshu [Height: Variable, Age: Unknown]: Khonshu is the Egyptian God of Vengeance; he resurrected Marc Spector and blessed him with superhuman powers and abilities under the Moon.

Arnold Vosloo [Height: 6' 2", Age: 51, Notable Works: The Mummy, Darkman 2: Die Darkman Die, G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra]: I am a fan of Arnold as an actor. He's a smart one and does a lot of fun projects. What brought me to choose him as Khonshu is that 20 years ago, heck I'd even say 10 years ago he'd have been perfect for Moon Knight, but now he's an actor who's, in all honesty, a bit aged for that, and personally I think he'd rock as Khonshu. He's got the right voice and can still do anything physical should the role call for it.

Marc Spector/Jake Lockley/Steven Grant/Moon Knight [Height: 6' 2", Age: 30's]: Moon Knight, Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley: four different aspects of the same man, who was resurrected by Khonshu, the Egyptian Lunar-God of Vengeance and Justice, to serve as his "avatar", and perform various acts of vengeance and justice on unjust mortals.

                Hugh Dancy [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 40, Notable Works: Hannibal, King Arthur, Hysteria]: As a concept the best way to tackle Moon Knight is to actually go into the psychological torture, Hugh as an actor is unparalleled in a role of a person doing something deeply psychological. He looks very different when he changes subtle things. He looks incredible different just from the switch in facial hair. He's got a strong presence and a fun element to him. He could definitely put in a Batman-esq prowess to Moon Knight but he'd actually make Moon Knight something a little more than just Marvel's Batman. He'd tell a story. The way they should do Moon Knight should show the torture he has on his sanity and have that enhanced by him being a Super Hero.

Dr. Marlene Alraune [Height: 5' 8", Age: 30's]: Marlene's father Dr. Peter Alraune was murdered by mercenary Raoul Bushman while they were in Sudan, Marc Spector another mercenary saved Marlene from Bushman but Bushman left Specter to die in the desert. The workers of Dr. Alraune took Spector's inert body to the tomb of Pharaoh Seti lll. Spector revived and then he and Marlene went back to the US where Spector became the crime fighter Moon Knight and then she became his girlfriend and trusted ally. Marlene has a degree in art history. Under Moon Knight she gained some experience as a covert operative. She is a moderately skilled hand-in-hand combatant.

                Marin Ireland [Height: 5’ 6”, Age: 35, Notable Works: The Divide, The Slap, Homeland]: Marin is wonderful. I feel like I really lucked out seeing her on T.V. and seeing her then just made her instantly perfect for this. She’s absolutely the person I want to see play Marlene. She’s got the moves and the air of it. She could be amazing.

Jean-Paul DuChamp/Frenchie [Height: 6' 3", Age: 30's-40's]: Jean-Paul "Frenchie" DuChamp was working as a Soldier of Fortune to try and forget about a past relationship. During his time in Africa, he met, and became friends with, fellow Soldier of Fortune, Marc Spector. Frenchie worked mainly as a pilot for the missions. Soon after, he met Raoul Bushman and the three of them worked together on many missions. Frenchie helped Marc fight against Bushman, and the two escaped from Africa to begin life again in America.

                Jacky Ido [Height: 6’ 2 ½”, Age: 38, Notable Works: Inglourious Basterds, Taxi Brooklyn, Lockout]: This was the hardest choice because I wanted someone who felt authentic and who was French, and I felt like the character had to have some air of comedic timing. Jacky felt right for that. He’s a great actor and Marvel often takes a switch to their characters so I can see this fitting. He’s a great actor and could certainly play Frenchie well.

Dr. Peter Alraune [Height: 5' 8" {Estimate}, Age: 60's-70's]: Dr Peter Alraune was the father of Marlene Alraune and an architect. He was murdered on a business trip by Raoul Bushman, after which mercenary Marc Spector attempted to avenge him!

                Bruce Greenwood [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 59, Notable Works: Star Trek, Thirteen Days, Endless Love]: Bruce is an awesome actor. He’s done a great job through his career and he’s absolutely the kind of actor Marvel would want in this role and he would be an absolute stunning addition to a Netflix series.

Detective Flint [height: 6’ 2”, Age: 40’s-50’s]: Detective Flint was a member of the NYPD's "sweeper squad," which investigated "freak" homicides. He contacted Moon Knight, who, under the alias of "Mister Knight," helped him with his cases

                Rainn Wilson [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 49, Notable Works: Backstrom, The Office, Super]: Rainn is an acquired taste but I found one for him in Backstrom. He did well balancing humor and drama. He was smart and intelligent and didn’t really come off as too buffoonish. He’s certainly the guy I could see in this role and He’d certainly do well in this area of the MCU.

Gena Landers [Height: 5' 6" {Estimated}, Age: 60's]: Gina works in a diner and is one of Jake Lockely's (Moon Knight) street contacts.

C.C. Pounder [Height: 5' 6", Age: 61, Notable Works: The Shield, Justice League Unlimited, Superman Batman: Public Enemies]: She's an actress who's extremely familiar with the comic book genre. To comic fans she's best known as the voice of Amanda Waller, I best knew her as Captain, formerly Detective Claudette Wyms on The Shield. She's played a valley of dramatic television and film roles and honestly she is just perfect for this role. She's a strong and powerful actress. She would be perfect for this role.

Bertrand Crawley [Height: 6' 2 "{Estimated}, Age: 60's-70's]: A man whom originally only knew Marc Spector as his Jake Lockley guise. He frequents Gena's Diner. He will constantly use the same tea-bag for weeks until Gena gets fed up of seeing it and gives him another one. He may seem like only a simple homeless man, but Bertrand Crawley often uses sophisticated words in his speech and is quite the gentleman. These mannerisms are because of his life before he was homeless. He is also very skilled in gathering information of what's happening on the streets and it’s because of this he is a valuable asset of Moon Knight's.

                Tommy Flanagan [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 50, Notable Works: Sons of Anarchy, Gladiator, Smokin’ Aces]: Tommy is an awesome actor. He was fantastic in Sons of Anarchy and absolutely became my number one choice for Bertrand. He’s got the style and the look for the character, he could absolutely nail the role perfectly and would be a great addition to Marvel.

Samuels [Height: 6' 2" {Estimated}, Age: 60's-60's]: Samuels works as the butler and personal valet of Marc Spector. Like his co-worker, Nedda, Samuels is one of the few people aware of Marc's dual identity as Moon Knight.

                David Hyde Pierce [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 56, Notable Works: Hellboy {Uncredited}, Frasier, The Perfect Host]: David is fun, he’s great. He never takes roles too seriously, but has fun, and gives a wonderful performance. He’s certainly someone with a calm demeanor and could certainly play the voice of reason to Marc.

Nadda [Height: 5' 6" {estimated}, Age: 40's-50's]: Nedda is Marc Spector's housekeeper, or more specifically, Steven Grant's (Marc's wealthy alias). With Samuels, the butler, they keep Marc's mansion in order while he is away doing his Moon Knight duties. Both Nedda and Samuels stood by Marc during his breakdown, and were more than happy when he came back around.

                Anna Gunn [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 47, Notable Works: Breaking Bad, Gracepoint, Deadwood]: Everyone is going to remember her as Skyler from Breaking  Bad, which is great cause it means she’s resonated with people. I want to see her play something different in that realm. Someone who isn’t obviously overwhelmed by the manner her character developed. I think a character like Nadda is an ear that Marc needs to vent to. It’s someone who can level with him and I think Anna is perfect for it.

Jimmy Crawley [Height: 6' 0" {Estimated}, Age: 40's]: Jimmy began slashing homeless people in an effort to find his father. He then came up with the name slasher after killing a local bum named Reno Eddie. During the second night he killed another bum, and came across Betrand (his father who he didn't know who he was at the time). Betrand tried to escape, but was slashed across the forearm. While he was recovering he was taking in by Moon Knight, and he told him who he was and what happened. One week later Moon Knight had come up with a plan, and disguised himself as a bum. He then surprised Slasher who tried to escape. After a short fight Moon Knight eventually won.

                Kieran Culkin [Height: 5’ 6”, Age: 33, Notable Works: Fargo, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Go Fish]: I dig Kieran. He’s actually done great in a lot of his work but I want to see him break from being so comedic and really test him in the dramatic fashion. He was great in Fargo but I feel he could be exceptional as Jimmy, letting him stretch his legs and really develop a new character and persona.

Robert Markham [Height: 6' 0" {Estimated}, Age: 40's]: Robert Markham had a rare viral infection that affected his DNA. He approached Dr. Peter Alraune (father of Marlene Alraune) who gave him an untested experimental drug. This drug had severe side effects in that Robert was grotesquely transformed into the physical appearance he has now and that he can never sleep, Going by the name of Morpheus.

                Peter Sarsgaard [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 44, Notable Works: Green Lantern, Lovelace, Orphan]: This is the type of role that fits Peter the most. He’s a good actor and he’s great at playing these psychological based monsters. It’s certainly an area that fits him well as he is a strong actor and really likes to have fun in his roles.

Ryan Trent/Black Spectre [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 30’s]: Since he was a kid Ryan Trent was constantly undermined, having his decisions throughout his life continuously questioned. Even after he joined the NYPD, he didn't feel he was good enough. When Moon Knight returned to New York City as a consultant for Detective Flint, Flint's preference over the vigilante caused Trent to finally break, and slowly descend into madness as he became obsessed with Moon Knight. Ryan began training himself, as well as he investigated about Moon Knight by interrogating former allies of him disguised as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

                D.J. Cotrona [[Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 35, Notable Works: G.I. Joe Retaliation, From Dusk Till Dawn, Detroit 1-8-7]: I dig D.J. I thought he was fantastic in From Dusk Till Dawn, and I think it was a role perfectly suited to his arrogant demeanor. He’s a good actor and getting him a role like Black Spectre would let him play to his strengths and give Moon Knight a bit of flavor in its characters.

Randall Spector/Shadow Knight [Height: 6' 0", Age: 30's]: Randall Spector is the younger brother of Marc Spector, Moon Knight. He is psychotic believing himself to be the vessel of Khonshu. He took on the Name Shadow Knight.

                Lee Jones [Height: 6’ 0” {Estimated}, Age: 32, Notable Works: The Bastard Executioner, Magical Tales]: He’s getting a bit of an unfair rap in Bastard Executioner. Personally I think he’s doing great and I think this could be a role to really get him recognized. He’s got an appropriate look and would certainly be a lot of fun in the role.

Tony Masters/Taskmaster [Height: 6' 2", Age: 40's]: Tony Masters gained an ability known as "photographic reflexes" during a mission as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent This ability enabled him to watch another person's physical movements and duplicate them without any practice, no matter how complex. It was only limited by the fact that the memories he gained by watching others overwrote his personal memories. He was previously a naturally gifted athlete who trained himself to superb physical condition. He committed the fighting styles of Captain America, Black Panther, Daredevil, Elektra, Hawkeye, Punisher, Tigra, USAgent, Spider-Man and Wolverine to memory, as well as many others.

                Philip Winchester [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: 34, Notable Works: Camelot, Strike Back, Crusoe]:  Now that Taskmaster is officially back at Marvel, the best place for him would be Moon Knight. He’s a character on the skill level of Moon Knight.  Philip is probably the best actor to play him. He’s certainly got the look of a stone cold killer and I imagine a Marvel role like this would be like candy for him as an actor.

Raoul Bushman [Height: 6' 2", Age: 40's]: Raoul Bushman is an expert with various weapons, and at hand-to-hand combat. His hand-to-hand is good enough that he poses a threat to Moon Knight. His teeth have also been altered, so that they are razor sharp. Bushman sometimes uses these teeth to kill people, by biting their throats.

                Omar Sy [Height: 6’ 3”, Age: 37, Notable Works: X-Men Days of Future Past, Jurassic World, Burnt]: This might be a bit of a divisive choice. Personally I think he’s a good actor. He was great in X-Men as Bishop, and he was memorable in Jurassic World.  He’s certainly go the look about him and he is the kind of actor Marvel would definitely court for the role. He’s be pretty great, it could be his genuine break out role.


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